Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Steps

Let's find something new to talk about rather than health drama, shall we? We are slowly improving and pray this continues.

B's feeling better in the flu/sinus department but not so much with the lungs. Hopefully that will be fixed soon...

Samuel was back to school today and thrilled to pieces! He was SO excited to see his friends again and wondered if they missed him:) They did. When asked tonight before prayer what he was thankful for, he said "I'm so glad I got to go to school today!" Boy, I wish I got energy back as quickly as he does!

In fact, I asked him if I could have some of his energy and he said I had to become a kid again to get some. He said, "Mommy, I know why you didn't get your energy back as quick as me. You got dehydrated. I didn't." Smart kid!

Zakkai remains untouched, thankfully! He is busy as can be, talking our ears off. He has been taking a Rocket Reader's class through the PD where his preschool is and he's starting to recognize words! He is very proud to point out words like "And" and "Look." He thought having Samuel read to him was going to work for a lifetime but I think he's starting to change his ways;)

Miss E has been doing some fun new things! In all the yuck around here, I forgot to report that she has officially taken her first step!! She took one last week on Wednesday and another on Thanksgiving. She's done it a couple more times since then and loves when we cheer for her! Can't believe she'll be walking soon...

She is also learning new words and signs! She said "Wow" tonight in the bathtub for the first time:) It sounds like "ooo-oww." And she has finally really started calling me "Mama!" She says "Mam-mam." She just started yesterday and it melts my heart! Talk about a quick way to melt away any grumpies or tiredness~just have that sweet little voice looking at you, saying 'Mam-mam!"

She's still big into showing us "Lights" especially since we have Christmas lights up. And now she points out "Fans" and she did "Sun" and "Tree" for the first time today! It's amazing how her desire and ability to communicate has grown in the past month. You can just tell that she's looking around looking for things that she knows the signs/words to so she can tell us about it. So fun!

Hopefully I'll have the energy to take pics tomorrow and you'll probably enjoy them more than you would've of pics taken with us all pale and disheveled and in our pjs! I look out for you. I really do.

It's baby steps 'round here but we'll take 'em!

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