Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Amazing Mind.

I was thinking tonight about how much the boys are changing. Physically of course, growing taller and more slender and so "boy." But mainly, just how much their minds and ways of thinking are maturing.

We got some books from the library from the Eyewitness Series. If you've never heard of them, they are really informative books about all sorts of different subjects, with facts and pictures. We got 3 this time about Robots, Submarines and Earthquakes/Volcanoes.

The boys are absolutely enthralled with these books! It's amazing to see how, even though tired at the end of a long day, they perk up and ask the most insightful questions. You can practically see their busy minds turning as they try to fit the puzzle pieces together.

The past couple of night we've been reading the Earthquake/Volcano book, which is really high-tech and hard for me to even understand! I have to paraphrase a lot of it because I'm reading about the different layers of the earth and what magma is made of and different types of volcanic eruptions, scientific data, etc. Sometimes I'm totally stumped on how to explain things to the boys but I'm glad it's stretching even my mind a bit. It could use some stretching;)

The book has led to the boys wanting to watching volcano videos on youtube:) So tonight I bribed my buddies and told them after their bath, if they were super quiet (i.e. not stomping and talking at the top of their lungs and doing everything humanely possible to wake up their sister) while getting in their jammies, we could watch a few videos before dinner.

You wouldn't believe how quiet they were! (Filing away bribery tip for another day!!) We watched some volcanoes erupting, an earthquake knocking over power lines and a hotel and Hurricane Wilma hitting FL several years ago.

Youtubes pretty cool when you want to watch stuff like that;) Anyways, it's just fascinating to me to watch the boys' minds change and stretch and try to hold all this information that they can barely understand but want to so badly.

I'm glad I get to be a part of watching it:)

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to make memories with my children. I'm so glad I have more opportunities each day instead of always feeling like I haven't done "enough" or they are going to have some deprived childhood. I am thankful they can grow up knowing how loved they are and how special it is to be a part of a family!

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