Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Health Drama Continues...

They always say it's 1 step forward, 2 steps back, right? Right.

Samuel and I are doing much better, thankfully. S's fever and yuckies left in the middle of the night. This afternoon, Samuel suddenly perked up and said, "I feel SO much better!" He's still pale and not eating too much but is raring to get back to school with his buddies.

Zakkai is still holding strong!

E had a terrible night with crying and coughing. She woke up crying this morning with a fever. A little tylenol and a good nap later seemed to help her and she perked up this afternoon, too.

I saved the worst for last. Poor Ben is where I was Sunday. He seems to have had an asthma attack late last night due to cigarette smoke filtering in through our vents (someone was smoking down in the common basement area) and couldn't breath well. He also came down with the flu in the middle of the night. And then this afternoon, woke up from a nap wheezing and feeling the peanut back in his lung again.

Poor guy was just so miserable between the flu, the sinus infection, the breathing issues and the peanut so he headed back over to the ER just before dinner time. Oh yes. Visit #4. (Watch out for your offer, D, we may take you up on it;)

He was given a breathing treatment which helped with his wheezing and saw a GI dr, who will be taking a look at his lung with a scope tomorrow. Please continue prayers for us! We've been hit hard with stress this fall and it seems that our bodies are paying for it....

I made a trip out to the store today and came home with lysol, 2 huge containers of clorox wipes and another cleaner and spent what little energy I had spraying down the house and doing tons of "sick" laundry.

I can only hope we'll have a more peaceful, uneventful night tonight sleeping in nice, clean, germ-free beds.

Happier post tomorrow, I hope!

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