Sunday, November 6, 2011

Curlers, Tux and Lost Keys.

I must admit that I am glad this day is nearly done. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought the time change made the day LOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG. It's probably a great thing for people who get to sleep in or wanted an extra hour to finish some project.

But we got woken up bright and early by little roosters who pointed outside and said, "Look, it's light outside! It must be time to play!" And we said, "It's only 530am. Go back to bed!"

The roosters won.

 I discovered today that Eliana is not only afraid of umbrellas but also hair curlers! I rarely put them in but decided to today before church and when I came downstairs, she scrutinized me carefully and crawled over to Ben and buried her head in his legs! I tried to pick her up a bit later and she immediately pushed me away and practically threw herself to the ground.
Of course Ole' Softie (a.k.a. Daddy) took full advantage of the situation and gave lots of cuddles to his little princess:) Neither one of them minded!
 I hurried to take the curlers out so I could get hugs, too. Can we say that somebody has us wrapped around her little fingers???
Samuel has been begging to play this computer game that he gets to play at school if he finishes all his work. They have Mac computers in the classroom for the kids to use so he was pretty excited that daddy has one, too, and that he knows how to use it! He calls it a "Macs computer." :)

The game is called "Tux Paint" and you can paint pictures with this little penguin. Z was just begging to have a turn, too, so his turn was after we got home from church.

It had to be delayed a little while because when we got home today we realized that we were locked out! We lost one of our house keys last week and haven't been able to replace it yet. B took our one remaining key off the key chain to leave for me yesterday since he was working all day.

And neither one of us replaced it.

Our landlords are out of town for an extended vacation so we had to call the handy guy to come help. Once he called back, he promised he'd be over in a half an hour.

We spent ONE and a half hours in the car waiting.

It was really fun.

We're having 2 extra keys made just in case....

Today I am thankful that I don't live in my car. I am really thankful for a comfortable place that feels like home when we walk in. A place with a roof overhead, heat and comfortable beds!

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Grandma W said...

Sounds like you spent your "extra hour" in the van :)