Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let the festivities begin!

It felt like such a strange day today, almost like a Friday! The boys haven't had school all week so we've just been hangin out, having fun being sick and all. B was finally done with teaching this afternoon, an event we all were anticipating. Hopefully good health will come to all of us over this long weekend!

This little Birdie is having so much fun with "new" toys that I've pulled out. (a.k.a. the boys' oldies but goodies). Actually the boys are having fun with them, too, and we've had to set up rules because before we know it, they are playing with the baby toys and E is driving cars!

She does make a pretty mean car noise....

 The boys and I were feeling kind of sad today over not traveling so I kept us all busy cleaning, switching out toys (best trick a mommy can have!) and looking forward to daddy coming home.

Here are the boys in deep conference over something important:)

The boys have recently started collecting baseball cards ~ a hobby that may or may not have been instigated by Daddy:) They weren't too sure at first but are really getting into it, especially now that they know Daddy collected as a boy.

Tonight B pulled out some of his carefully guarded collection to show the boys. It was the cutest thing I've seen! They all took it so seriously talking about how to take care of the cards and why, who the players were, what years the cards were from (to them 1989 in OLD!!). Ben is so excited to share this with his boys:)

And for the past hour and a half, B and I have been chopping, mixing and preparing what we could for our first Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. See, there is this old, old story called "The Little Red Ben" that we like to talk about around here. The Little Red Ben claims (jokingly) that he does not have to share in the Hen's (a.k.a. Heidi) feast preparations but can merely enjoy the fruits of her labor instead.

Thankfully, he decided to reverse the story and help me instead, in great humor:) I think Ben, most of all, is looking forward to tomorrow. His sick body and weary mind crave rest and relaxation. He works hard and needs this little break. And as hard as it is for me to miss family and special traditions, I am glad to help create a happy Thanksgiving for him and for our family.

Pics tomorrow!

Tonight I am thankful for my mom, who is being so understanding about us not coming, even though she is so incredibly sad. She has such a compassionate, gentle heart and loves me unconditionally. I love you, Mom!

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Judy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heidi so glad to hear all your good news!!!! I hope your Turkey and all turn out! We will be missing you. Give your family a big hug from me.