Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day in the Life


* Baby Girl woke up too early which meant an early nap. Which meant her whole sleeping schedule was thrown off. She likes to make life interesting.

*Samuel went off to school happily with lots of kisses and a joy-filled face at the sight of all his new friends.

*Z went on a playdate (can I tell you how much B hates that word??) with his new buddy and I had the WHOLE morning to myself!

* It was amazing. And quiet. Really, really, quiet.

* I cleaned a little, baked a little, and read a little.

* I avoided working out even though it would've been the perfect time.

* Z came home in the mood to talk. He always wants to talk. It wasn't quiet anymore.

* I missed him:)

* E and I left for my doctor's appointment and 3 hours later we straggled home through dead-stop traffic, road closings and 2 train crossings. We were really hungry and tired.

* So my husband put food on the table for his family and we ate and were happy.

* And then I forced myself to workout with the boys saying "Go, Mommy, Go!!" in the backround. My very own cheerleading squad...

* And then I ate a small piece of caramel apple cheesecake pie that I felt I deserved after 9 days straight of working out. Don't you think? It is Friday after all...

* And the hubs and I watched an old movie and now it's time to retire and join the chickidees in slumber.

Another day in the life of the Thomas's.

In a nutshell:)

* Today I am thankful for my brother-in-law and all of those out there who have served and are serving for our country. Most of the time I have no concept of what that really means or the sacrifice it really takes. Most of the time I take it for granted. Today I went on a website for helping wounded veterans and I was completely blown away by the realistic picture of what our soldiers are doing and how they have suffered so greatly for a country of people who don't take the time to care. Today I want to care. Today I am so thankful some of the blinders were taken off of my eyes even though it could be so much more. I am thankful for our soldiers.


Charity said...

Yes you can have cheesecake!! I hope you are only excersizing in order to strengthen yourself. You don't need to lose any weight, silly girl! The 98% of us that know you would probably love to be as thin as you. You are so silly. Love you! And take it from one of your cousins that needs to lose about 50 lbs - eat a full piece of cheesecake next time for me (while I eat fruit and yogurt for dessert).

mommyoflove3 said...

I promise with all my heart it's not to lose weight!! Just trying to get in shape and lose the jiggly filling;) MIss you!