Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Van visits the Doctors.

Another busy day done ~ check! Today B started out the cold, rainy morning putting on our spare tire. Zakkai was never more than a couple feet away, soaking in every little mechanical detail:)

We had to do lots of walking to and from school today because of our car visiting the "doctors." B took the van over to Discount Tire and they replaced the tire with no questions asked! Definitely a great place to do business.

Then our van went over for check-up #2 where we got the news that the brakes had ground into the rotor and we had a disc brake instead of drum  (whatever that means) which meant we had to get TWO brakes replaced instead of one. Go figure.

So now our pockets are lighter but our van is safer and for that at least, we are glad!

Little Missy was a bit off today and we're wondering if her tummy wasn't feeling too great. She had some signs of tummy-upset and was in bed for the night by 4:30pm! The time change has messed with all of us....well, mostly the younger crowd in the house and sleeping has been off.

Hopefully a good night's sleep will cure the grumpy sleepies in this house!

Zakkai and I did a fun project together after dropping S off at school the other day. I noticed Z was collecting leaves on the way to school (see all the crumpled brown leaves on the bottom of the picture:) and so on the walk home I asked if he'd like to collect colored leaves and make a craft.

My boys always jump at the chance to do a craft so he picked up leaves with great zeal! After watching him pick up all the mottled brown dead leaves and proclaiming them beautiful all I could think was "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"

We came home and colored a nice big tree and spent lots of time gluing our beautiful dead brown leaves on it:) Z loves glue! And dead leaves.

He also requested a red owl in the middle of the tree. I know it doesn't look quite like an owl but he was happy with it so no judgements!! Now our tree is decorating our door and brings a bit of fall inside:)

Today I am thankful for my Grandma. She is such a wonderful friend to me, offering a listening compassionate ear, a tender sympathetic heart and arms full of neverending love. I couldn't have been blessed with a dearer Grandma. I love you, Gma!


Charity said...

Tell Z that I absolutely love his tree. What a fun project!

grandma said...

Dear Heidi you could make me cry. The feeling is mutual. Our conversation helped me too. We just get crazy going to Drs. By the way the tree is so wonderful. Love the leaves so real. Ours look like that in Plain City.