Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Thankfully, we didn't have too many plans this past weekend except for packing (and more packing). Yesterday we had an impromptu bbq picnic with some friends which was so fun! I really love bbq's and am looking forward to much grilled food this summer:) yum, yum.

The boys went to bed happily, full of food, the company of one of their best buddies and sweet-smelling from a bath. But poor Samuel woke up just after 3:30 this morning crying for me. He was burning up and said his tummy was sick. I grabbed a bowl quickly (I learned my lesson after Z's last illness!) and sat with him, rubbing his back and legs until he fell asleep again. He slept about 2 hours and then woke up crying for me again.

Poor buddy threw up all morning and was so feverish and complaining of a horrible headache. I was a little iffy myself in the tummy department and watching him throw up did not help! I was dry heaving right along with him! Finally I got some tylenol down him and he dozed off for awhile. A thunderstorm woke him up and we took him to his room to sleep some more. He slept for a few hours and was a little better when he woke up this afternoon.

I was able to get some gatorade/sprite down him and he had about a 10 minute spurt of energy where he played with Zakkai. But before I knew it, he was back on the couch moaning about his tummy. I was able to get a cracker down him but before I tucked him into bed (at 6:15pm), he got sick again:( Poor, poor buddy! It is so hard to watch your child so sick. They always want mommy close by even when there isn't much you can do. But I remember that from when I was little. I just wanted my mommy near me, her cool hand on my forehead, her comforting presence. I am really hoping and praying that a good night's sleep will help his body heal.

And I am really really hoping that no one else comes down with this stomach virus because we have a lot to do this week! 4 more days of packing left. Yikes! You will be glad to know that I am being a good girl and following the "orders" of my loving husband which so far are to: not stand on any chairs (I just might possibly have fallen backwards off of one when I was 7 mos pregnant with Zakkai...) or lift heavy things (or children). I will be be practically useless on Saturday! Well, except for being "director" or where things go and unpacking.

It's going to be a busy week but I am going to start it off by getting my haircut tomorrow for the first time in 15 months! Woohoo! Gotta help a pregnant lady feel a little attractive as she's growing out of her clothes:) Will post pics (as long as it turns out well!)


P.S. After my very un-Memorial Day post blabbing: In honor of my brother-in-law and the thousands of those have served and are serving our country, I wanted to post this link to a "Coming Home" photo series. These always, without fail make me cry because they are so beautiful and because it is so easy for those of us who live "normal" lives to forget about those who are sacrifices for us. (At the bottom of the photos, you will see links to more "coming home" pages. There are 5 in all). Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday bits n' pieces

We were eating dinner (sort of tacos) and I was making Z a second tortilla and put beans and cheese on it. I handed it to him and he cocked his head and said, "Hmmm. Ferhap, I didn't want cheese on this one." But then again, considering he ate it, perhaps he did:)
Found the golden treasure of boxes in a big dumpster on our way home this afternoon! These boxes are filling up quickly. The boys helped me get some stuff done today; packing a few toys up (while I secretly tossed some misc ones...shhhhh..). And then I lifted a box that I shouldn't have and got scolded by Daddy. I learned my lesson and I'm lucky I didn't get a time-out....
Ben got to feel the baby for the first time yesterday! Once in the morning and three times in the evening! He was really happy:) I am so thankful everytime I feel a little nudge, push, kick or thump. I have no idea what is going on in there but it is amazing!
We have been blessed with so much help for this move! So many friends offering to help pack and so many willing to come help us move on Saturday. We are so thankful.
And speaking of thankful, at night before the boys go to bed, we have been asking them to tell us something they are thankful for that day so we can thank Jesus. They hem and they haw for a few minutes like it's so hard to think of something and then they say sweet things like, "I am thankful that the baby is getting strong" or "I am thankful for the sunny day" or "I am thankful for the friends helping us move:)"

We have a lot to be thankful for! I am thankful for homemade ice cream and I'm going to go eat some now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Hired Help

You know what? We've got packing under con-trol over here! Wanna see?

Wait, I packed up Zakkai! I knew I was getting a little crazy!

"I can stack up all these boxes, mommy! See how tall I am?"

"Great! Now you can help me pack up some of your toys, boys! Boys? Boys?"

Oh, right. You thought I said "play" with the boxes...

Wow, you guys are such a great help! I'm so glad I asked! Let's go outside and play for a bit, boys! C'mon! Get your shoes..."How about in a couple hours, mommy? We're busy!" (actual quote)
I just went in to do my nightly boy check and found Zakkai soaking wet! I had accidentally forgotten to put his night time diaper on. He has improved SO much with potty training (we are officially publically trained now!) and wears his undies everywhere and stays dry at nap. But obviously we are not ready for night time yet. I stripped him and as I was putting on his diaper and getting new jammies on, he said sleepily, "What are you doing, mommy?" I briefly whispered that I was changing him and forgot to put his diaper on. To which he replied, " Mommy, mommy, Curious George was putting apple juice in different jars."
Right. Even I, who has quite the spaghetti brain, fail to see the connection in that one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Packin' Machine!

I made a fatal mistake yesterday. I went to the library. By myself.

See, I thought I needed a few books since I often get back to S's school early from running errands and have a little bit of time to read. But now I just want to read and I don't want to pack!

I've read 2 books since yesterday and had to force myself to get up and pack tonight! It's just one of those things that you put off but once you get started you can get into a rhythm.

I am collecting quite a pile of things to give away or perhaps throw away. That CD that my college friends from my dorm hall made for me before I left with possibly a Backstreet Boy song on it? See ya! The Rachel Ray cookbook with ingredients no one has ever heard of except her and Emeril? In the pile! Old plastic Tupperware that's been collecting dust in the cabinet? Tossed!

I'm feeling freer and freer! I'm mean, really, when is the last time we played 'Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit'? Am I really going to cook from that Anne of Green Gables cookbook for little girls that I have been carting with me from state to state? Am I going to wear those specially dyed shoes from the wedding I was in 7 years ago again? Not a chance! I'm trying really hard to be realistic!

Toys are another story. I have to get rid of those in secret places, under the cover of night. Even toys the boys haven't touched in months or longer..if they spot them in the give away pile or worse yet, the trash! They suddenly have a renewed love for it. "Oh yes! I've missed that McDonald's robot!" 

I'm sorting and tossing left and right! Getting carried away even! What? You wanted to keep that old picture of us, Ben? We'll take a new one! Boys, boys, I know we just bought that last month but it's all in the name of saving space! You'll get over it!

I'm like a packing machine all of the sudden! Filled with inexplicable energy and the desire to live a simpler lifestyle! Tossing! Recycling! Donating! I've turned over a new leaf! It'll be so easy from here on out! I'm....

I'm...I'm so excited to do it again tomorrow. Really.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Motivation..or lack thereof..

It's very hard to find the motivation to pack, even with barely over 10 days til the move! These two certainly don't help!
They are much too busy playing, coloring on the boxes, begging to take them apart and sail away on them like ships...

I most definitely can't count on them for help! Ben has great ideas occasionally to get packing....and then he goes off and starts checking email or playing his guitar or writing his dissertation... Magical Packers? Are you out there?

Well, I'm sure it'll get done by next weekend, right?! Right...


The boys and I went to help a friend (well, they went along to play:) and walked probably 2 miles this afternoon! Thankfully, it wasn't 92 like it was yesterday. Those boys were worn out tonight. And so was I! Ben was recording music while we were trekking through the Chicago streets. Yes, recording! He and the band he is part of through church, plus another group from another church are recording a CD and have been working hard. They sound SO good! I will be sure to post any clips if I can find any...


Ben has been dying to feel the baby move but everytime I call him over to feel the tiny thump...the baby stops! He just tried again and said, "It's like as soon as I put my hand on you, the baby decides to take a nap! zzzzz.." haha. As I was writing this, I told Ben the baby was kicking again and he said, "You know what? the baby is saying 'bring the big hand back so I can go to sleep!' " Besides tricking daddy, this little boy/girl loves music already! I went to Ben's gig on Friday night and I hadn't felt the baby much over the previous couple of days because I had been so busy but as soon as I sat down and the music started playing (loudly), the baby had a jam fest in there! Future music lover? We will see!

Well, I am off to put myself and my jitterbug to sleep:)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sorry I didn't post a lot in the past few days. It was an extremely busy end of the week and a really tough weekend for me so I didn't have enough "juice" left for blogging:)

Yesterday it was 90 degrees out but we headed over to the park to watch Daddy play Ultimate Frisbee anyways and treated our friends with popsicles! I never knew popsicles (or "popstickles" as the boys say) could make grown men so happy! I was their best friend for about 5 minutes! :)

Here are some pics of my favorite boys:

Playing fetch:) I threw the frisbee...they fetched it.

The frisbee-ers who braved the humid scorching heat.

After many attempts at a brother shot, I finally got this one that I love!

My ornery boy:)

My sweet picture poser:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our New Home!

Thought you might like a few sneak preview pics of our new home to be 2 weeks from today (yikes!)!! We met one of our landladies today and got the keys. She is an extremely sweet older polish lady who adored the boys on sight...which, of course, is a great way to a mother's heart! haha. I would've loved her anyways:) She welcomed us so warmly and genuinely!

The front of our new apartment house:) We are on the 2nd floor.

The kitchen, which is really spacious! However, is sadly lacking much counter space~there is only one counter space next to the stove. I'm sure we can find a way around it though! And did I mention there is a pantry! I'm in love:)

The big window in the "dining room" area.

Looking from the dining room into the living room. It's really just one big open room.

The front porch! And Ben laying down our very strict porch rules:) The landladies are so concerned with the boys' safety that they are getting estimates for putting extra railing on top of the ledge!

We finally nailed down some moving details today like the moving truck, etc, which felt good. I am collecting a decent stash of boxes, although I know I will need tons more. It's amazing how quickly you can fill up a box!
Everytime we have seen the apartment or signed our lease, we feel more and more peaceful about this move and feel that it will be really good! We are looking forward to having our friends and family come visit though...hint, hint:)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to say Thank You tonight! For reading this blog, even when I have nothing interesting to say most of the time and no pictures because I can't find the time to empty my camera.... I have such great ambitions of being a great writer but I feel like there is something inside of me, all locked up, that is waiting to be released. Thanks for putting up with all the silly things I write while my creativeness is "in prison." :)

It really encourages me to see that people actually read it! I really look forward, each evening, to logging on and seeing how many people actually peeked at my nothing-blog and hoping, just hoping that there might be a comment:)

Makes my day! YOU make my day.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspector Gadget

May 2006~ Samuel was 10 mos old:) Doesn't he look funny sitting on the laptop case?!

*Today started out frantic but ended quietly. Daddy did the preschool run for me and I spent the morning with the Z-man:) It's so nice for me to have that break once a week! We had university inspectors coming this morning so I woke up bright and early to tackle the 7 loads of laundry I didn't fold or put away yesterday, plus cleaning the kitchen, dressing and feeding the ducklings and myself, etc! I was so stressed to get it all done by 9am as they were supposed to come somewhere between 9 and 11am and I was just sure they would be knocking at 9:01.

They came at 11:05am. Isn't that the way it always is??! I had to apologize for the ransacked state of my home. We are pulling out everything, tossing and organizing, packing, etc. It was a bit embarassing to have 4 people tramping through the apt with clipboards, silently making notations! I had this terrible fear that they were going to tell us we had ruined the place but I know that's silly since we take very good care of it!

I went through my memory box last night, determined to get rid of some of the stuff I have saved and stuff it in a smaller container. It was hard for me to let go of the beanie baby owl from my graduation year or the necklace from my old best friend who hates me now, the school papers and my kindergarten graduation cap. Oh wait...I kept that..

I need help.


I had good news today! I had been worried, due to recent symptoms, that my thyroid was acting up due to pregnancy, which can do so many bizarre things to your body. Anyhoo, the dr called to say my tests from last week are still normal! I am very thankful for that:)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

16 Weeks and Alphabet Train

Today marks 16 weeks (for those of us annoying pregnant people that count in weeks!) or 4 months (for those who say...16 weeks equals??)

*I am humongous. Yes. Yes, I am. I am struggling a bit with looking so big so quickly but I guess that's what happens when it's #3, right? (say "right" to make me feel better, okay?)

*I am finally up to my "normal" weight, after having been down several pounds due to constant sickness, mouth surgery and 1st trimester crappiness.

*I am feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better in these past 2 1/2 weeks than I have since....November! I am feeling more normal, eating more things (goodbye toast forever), and gagging much less! As a matter of fact, I think I actually made it through brushing my teeth last night without gagging. Woohoo!

*The smell of Ben's coffee I tried banning him from drinking coffee for the next 5 months. He didn't take to that suggestion well. New plan...

*I feel the baby move a lot now, especially in this past week! Mostly in the evenings when I finally sit down and relax! I love, love, love to feel this teeny tiny little person kicking or punching or whatever the little bean is doing. My favorite part of pregnancy!!

*I can still wear some of my normal pants, thanks to the Belly Band! (never had one of those before but = awesome!) I really dislike having tight pants pressing on my burgeoning belly. Not ready for most maternity clothes although at this rate, it won't be long... (enter ego-boosting compliment here)

*I have the most bizarre dreams ever. Really. I don't know if it's the hormones or what but man are they long, detailed and involve the weirdest people or situations! Like the one the other day about the creepy (seriously...creeeeeeepy) man who was trying to electrocute me to death with a pen and I kicked him down the stairs like 7 times while I dialed 911 and he kept getting back up. Great dream.

*Can hardly wait to find out who is joining our family 4 weeks from this morning! Really hoping this jumping bean cooperates...


The boys showing off their finished alphabet train puzzle that I got today at the Salvation Army for $2!!
They seriously did it 6 times this afternoon. Best $2 spent ever!

Cute story of the day:

So, in between puzzling, I gave the boys a bath (they insisted they were stinky and in need of bathing...). When I was lotioning them down and getting pj's on, Zakkai was talking all about how he is going to be a spaceman when he grows up. Spaceman this and spaceman that. Finally Samuel looked up at him and said, "But I don't want you to leave me!"

Zakkai stopped for a minute with a worried look on his face and said, "Don't worry, buddy, I won't leave you! It's okay, buddy." (heart melting all over again here..) Then he stopped, obviously pondering how he could fix this situation and came back with, "Mommy and Daddy and Samuel and Zakkai will all be spacemen!"

Samuel scrunched his face up and said, "No. I don't want to be a spaceman. I just want to stay here."

Zakkai, "Then mommy and I will be spacemen and you can stay here with daddy. Then you won't be alone, buddy. Okay?"

Seriously, cute. I love those boys!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Day in Numbers

7 stores and

2 grouchy customer service people to get

13 boxes so we can move in

19 days.

6 bags of things to donate and

1 tub of stuff I have no idea what to do with...

1 skinned and bruised nose,

1 bump on the forehead,

2 red knees,

1 scratched lip and

1 stinging hand from

2 separate falls, all on just

1 little boy:(

10 minutes talking about stinky sewers with

2 curious little/big boys.

4 people fed dinner and

1 sink full of dishes calling my name,

3 more hours until I get to go to bed because

1 mommy is pooped!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stranger Danger!

So. I inadvertently brought up the "stranger" subject with the boys, which is not a good idea when you're not prepared! I had gotten a late start getting ready on Friday b/c we had no school and had the boys watch a cartoon so I could take a shower (I know...). I closed the bathroom door and then had the thought that I should warn the boys not to open the door if anyone should knock! Zakkai has opened the door a few times before I could get there.
I went out and told my buddies that if anyone should knock at the door, they should come get mommy or daddy whether they knew the person or not. When I returned from getting ready, we talked about it again. I told the boys that a "stranger" is someone that you don't know and Samuel said, "Yea! A stranger is mean!"
I said, "Well, no, sometimes strangers are nice but we don't know if they are nice or mean so we have to be careful." Then I decided to test him. I asked him if a stranger came up to him and said, "Come here, little boys, I have some nice candy for you!" What should he do? He barely hesitated and came back with, "I would tell them NO and run back and tell mommy and daddy!" Way to go, Samuel!
Meanwhile, Zakkai is hanging around my legs and I'm not sure how much of the stranger talk is really soaking in (because he can only focus on one thing at a time!) and Zakkai looks up and says, "And and and if a stranger knocks at the door, I will get my robot (a toy he got for his bday that makes laser shooting noises) and shoot the stranger!!" I was kind of taken aback and had to quickly tell him that, no, we don't shoot strangers. (at least not in our house...)
And then we had to talk about strangers off and on for the rest of the day because once you open up a subject with the mine as well block off a whole weekend to let them get it out of their systems!
So beware, strangers, if you come a' knockin'....Zakkai just might shoot you!

Friday, May 14, 2010


So far I have spent the earliest part of my morning changing all my passwords on the internet because apparently I have been trying to temp my friend and family into buying acai berry colon cleanser!

Yup, sounds like something I would try to talk you into, right? Right. Anyways, I apologize if you got sent one of those emails or FB messages! So much for my workout this morning!

We are doing well. Registered Z for preschool yesterday so he's official now:) I am getting a little nervous about getting the apartment packed up considering I have 2 boxes. 2. Tiny boxes. At least I have made some headway on throwing out things! I have a huuuuuuumongous pile of things overtaking our bedroom that I either want to donate or sell. But everytime I list something on craigslist, I never have any luck! What do you do with stuff you really don't want to just toss or donate? Like old bridesmaid dresses that you're pretty sure you won't wear again....or odd pieces of furniture people gave you that you didn't want (it's hard for me to say no!)

And toys! Man, do we have a lot of toys! Toys and more toys. A lot of great toys that I want to save for Baby Gift (although Ben wants to toss all the toys and just hope the baby doesn't like toys anyways.....) but that take up a lot of room. And everytime I pull out toys to donate, the boys suddenly want to play with them again! And then I feel really guilty for giving them away...

I need help. Counseling maybe. All moving/packing/purging/selling suggestions are welcome. 3 weeks left....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My boys

My Oldest:

*Loves to read but when he does, he flails his body all around and won't sit still and it drives me crazy!
*Loves to learn, just like his daddy:)
*Insists on having haircuts because he doesn't like long hair
*Wants to stay in preschool forever
*Is very excited to turn 5 this summer (I can't face it yet) and it breaks my heart to think about how big he is getting.
*Is such a sweet boy!
*Loves to earn stickers and prizes
*Also loves the fact that he is taller than Z and can run faster "because he is 4."
*Is obsessed over germs at the moment and wants me to spray down all their toys.
*Loves crepes and could eat them every day if I had the patience to make them that often!
*Is picky and particular but I love him anyways:)
*Won't eat the "crust" of cucumbers, sausages or kielbasa and nibbles out the inside. Like a rabbit.
*Asked me if, when I used my new flower pen he gave me for Mother's Day, I think of him:)
*Is beautiful! Or handsome, if you're picky.

My Youngest (for now):

*Randomly walks around in his underwear or naked and thoroughly enjoyed playing in his undies and new shoes this morning!

*Is ridiculously funny and I wish I remembered all of his funny sayings throughout the day.

*Insists that he is as tall as Samuel because he is a "big boy!!" darn it! He was very upset to learn that he is a little shorter....and younger. It's tough being the little brother!

*Told daddy that he had a baby bruvver growing in his tummy but has since denied that claim.

*Is going to leave my "nest" in the fall for preschool:( Why, oh why do my babies have to grow up?!!

*Chewed a mouthful of greenbeans for 38 minutes tonight and insisted he could not swallow them. I finally gave in and let him spit them out. Disgusting.

*Gave me a kiss to try to bribe me the other day. That little stinker!

*Is adorable!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Junk Troll

We must find MANY of these:

Because we only have about 3 1/2 weeks until we're:

And only 5 weeks until we have this:

To find out if yet more testosterone will be entering our house or possibly a teamate for my side!!

All was well today with my check-up. Got to hear the strong galloping heartbeat of our mystery baby:) The dr said he/she was moving a lot AND I have been feeling the baby moving a lot tonight!! I have been guessing that I have been starting to feel it over this past week but it's very hard to know what's a little air moving through or a little baby bubble popping:) But now that I know exactly where our bambino is floating, I am sure that I am feeling him or her!

It will be really fun when the boys can feel it. I know they, especially Samuel, will love it. The boys are still holding very tightly to their guesses of a "bruvver" (for Z) and a sister (for S). I'm sure these next 5 weeks will fly by with our packed month of may and moving next month.


We signed our lease today. We have heard nothing but great things about our landlords (two sisters) and I felt even more peace about moving there today when the real estate lady was going on and on about how excited the sisters are to meet us and how very careful they want us to be with the boys on the front porch~so much so that they added it into the lease that we have to keep the front porch door locked to protect the boys! And they even offered to babysit:) How sweet is that? I think we are really going to like it there!

We have to convince the boys each day that it's not quite time for them to pack up their bookbags with toys yet. On the way out to school, running late I should add, I handed Samuel his surprisingly heavy bookbag only to hear suspicious rattling and clanking as he slung it over his shoulder. A quick peek inside confirmed the appearance of about 25 matchbox cars and some trains! He was very sad that we dumped them out until he was reassured that he will be warned when it's time to pack:)

Ben is on a rampage to purge the house of "junk" as he calls it. Most of which he claims is mine. Right.

Moving is a great way to get rid of stuff, I agree. However....oh, fine. I suppose I should admit that I am somewhat of a packrat. A neat one, though! I like to save special things, memories, papers, cards. You know, things that I will use down...the...road...

Fine. I suppose I should go start throwing away some of my junk. Sigh.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Not too much productive thinking going on in my head tonight (so sorry, D, for the hour of rambling that came out of me tonight! You are a very gracious listener:) So, here is one of my favorite pictures of one of my boys. Sweet, chubby and little. Can you guess who it is??

There may not be too much going on in my brain tonight but there is a lot going on tomorrrow! We have, on top of school, our lease-signing and my 15 wk check-up! Busy day but hopefully lots of good news to tell:) Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

As we were getting the boys ready for bed, I suddenly remembered that I didn't get any pictures with my boys today!! I am so sad:( I really like to mark special occasions like today with pictures. I started searching through all my pics on my computer to find my other Mother's Day pictures and I found...2 years. 2 out of 5 years. 2.

May 2006. My first mother's day! Samuel was 10 months old; my first baby:) And please ignore how sickly I look. I was in the throes of hyperthyroidism and it wasn't my best year!

Sweet boy that changed my life!

May 2009. Last year's Mother's Day. Samuel~ almost 4. Zakkai~just over 2 yrs.

Today was a rush, rush day. We woke up and rushed out the door to church, afterwards raced to the produce market to get fruit, raced home to make a fruit salad and raced to a very sweet friend's house who invited our family over for lunch! After our very nice lunch, we went home only to get ready to go for the weekly Sunday Frisbee games. Zakkai was sooooooo tired, he was sobbing "I want to go to beeeeeeeed!"

After a short frisbee appearance, we infused ourselves with the garlicky garlic "new" Domino's pizza. A few words: Better than it was.....not great.....waaaaaaaayyyy too much garlic. I feel the heartburn coming on. Really. Coming now.

Two of the sweetest little boys in the world are tucked in bed after I read to them one of my favorite books, "Love You Forever." But the best part of my day, was the special present Samuel presented me with after church. He made me a gift at school and Ben helped him hide it in the trunk on Friday. Today he handed it to me. There was a card with the word "Mom" written on the front and beneath a very colorful heart. Inside he had drawn two stick figures: Me and Him and the words "I Love You." The gift was this pen they decorated with a fake flower and all these beads (hard to explain). He face seriously LIT up when he saw how much I loved it! I told him it meant so much to me and I was going to keep it forever and that I "love, love, loved it!!" I wish I had a picture of his face. He was so happy that I liked it. It made me all teary:) Really, it doesn't take much to make me teary these days (commercials, sweet stories, garlickly pizza that causes heartburn)....but still!

I love Mother's Day and my 2 (and a half!) reasons for celebrating it:) Happy Mother's Day to all of my family and friends who pour themselves out on a daily basis to love their children! And mostly a Happiest Mother's Day to the best mom in the world, whom I strive to be like everyday.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

And..'s official! We are signing the lease on Tuesday and moving the first weekend in June! It was a very harrowing morning with many phone calls negotiating with the landlords who didn't want to budge on the rent. A really awesome thing happened though that led to us getting this apartment!

We are excited, boys included. The boys wanted to start packing their toys in their bookbags already but I told them they have a little time:)

Of's not that much time! Yikes, I've got a lot of packing to do!

More later...must sleep!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures for this post...yet but hopefully some will be coming soon!

Today we went and looked at some more apartments. Ben looked at one for me yesterday and came home with glowing reports! It was a 3 BD apt on top of a Starbucks! We called the agent with a few questions and he said if we were serious, we had to meet him at 9:30 this morning and write a check right away because someone else was about to beat us to it! So, we prayed so much last night and asked that if this wasn't right, God would put an obvious stop to it. We raced around this morning and bustled out of the house during a downpour and went to see this apartment. It was so pretty. Old and cracked (as a lot of Chicago apts are) but the living space was HUGE. It had a built in hutch, a bay window, decorative fireplace. We were a minute away from saying "yes" when we hear a soft knock at the door. The real estate guy opens the door and there's this late 20s something guy standing there.

He proceeds to tell us that he lives upstairs and since he heard children (our boys were racing through the empty apartment being boys!) he thought he'd come down and warn us that he and his roomies were DJ's that like to play LOUD music at all hours of the night and day and this wasn't the place for kids. He also added that everyone in the building likes to party and smoke in the hallways. We kind of stood there in shock as our hopes went flushing down the toilet. The real estate guy looked shocked, too and after some awkward moments, the party-dude left and then we left shortly after to talk about what we were going to do.

I started crying when we got to the car because I really liked this place and we had been SO close to getting it before "Mr. I-don't-want-to-grow-up" had to ruin it! After some moments of tears (all mine), we realized that we had prayed for a very clear sign about whether to rent this place or not and that was pretty clear. We are thankful we found out before we moved in!

My mom reminded me that God must have something even better for us and to keep hoping and trusting.

We dropped S off at school and went to another appt to look at 2 apartments. We turned down a quiet tree-lined street to find nice brick houses, pleasant looking people strolling by and thought, "Hmm. Maybe..." The agent showed up and told us that 1 of the apartments (they were next door to each other) had been rented this morning. He took us up to see the other one. It's on the 2nd floor, 2 bdms plus an office, large living space, beautiful hardwood floors and a front porch all of our own!! It was so well taken care of and so pretty and we felt really peaceful about it so after negotiating to get them to drop another $50 in rent, we filled out a backround check application and left to wait.

We just got the call that we are 99% approved to get this apartment! We feel really excited and hopeful, nervous and sad because we will miss our place and really thankful that God is answering our prayers and watching over us.

So thankful today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I hear

(May 2009)

I hear little voices all day long talking, talking, talking... I hear noises, I hear many things! This is some of what I hear:

*When I wake up in the morning, I hear giggles and bangs and the boys calling to each other to make sure they are both awake.

*Sometimes as I am taking a shower in the morning, the door will burst open and I will say, "Hello? Who's there?!" Then I hear little voices saying, "We have to go potty, mommy!" And I hear giggles and the toilet flushing and whispering while they wash their hands. Then I hear the door slam on their way out.

*I hear little boys always asking for "more, more, more!" at breakfast time to fill up their hollow legs.

*I also hear little "pleeeeeeaaaaases" and "thank you's" and it's the nicest of all when they are unprompted!

*I hear screams and yells when the boys are fighting over toys and following my intervention, I hear "I'm sorry's!"

*I hear "Mommy, you look SO pretty today!" out of the blue sometimes:)

*I hear their laughter out on the playground as they run like they've just been freed from prison!

*I hear questions all day long. "Mommy, why, why, why???!"

*My favorite is hearing "I love you" when I am leaving or they are going to bed and sometimes all on their own, they will run up to me and tell me that;) It makes my day!

*I hear Samuel learning how to read and sound out words. I hear the joy in his voice at his accomplishments.

*I hear Zakkai's babyish little boy voice and I treasure the sound of his words and his giggles.

*I hear the soft pounding of their feet as they run down the hallway or through the living room. And I hear the sound of little cars and trains being driven all over the house!

*I hear the happy splashing of bathwater at nighttime and the happy chatter that accompanies it.

*I hear the sucking of little fingers each night during story time which means the day is drawing to a close and little boys are ready to rest their ever-busy minds and bodies.

*I hear soft deep breathing when I go in to check on them and cover them up before I lay down.

All day long I hear noises and sometimes I want to cover my ears and run away! But most of the time, I find my heart swelling with thankfulness over my two little gifts that fill my house and my ears with life and sound. And I am thankful I can hear.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, I spoke far too soon the other day when I was thankful that this little ole' cold wasn't so bad! Ben and I have gone into sinus infections and Zakkai is SO congested! At least we had a couple of months reprieve before we got sick again! And Samuel, the little booger who started this all? He's just fine!!

Speaking of Samuel...he has been asking lots and lots of questions about the baby, especially since my good friend had twins almost 2 weeks ago and he saw how tiny they are! He wants to know what the baby is doing now and if it has bones. He wants to know how big the baby will be and if he can carry it around. He's very curious (and a little concerned) about if the baby is going to "POP" out of my stomach when he/she is ready. I haven't quite figured out a good way to talk about that.....It's really fun to experience this with an older child this time. I bet he will remember his brother or sister's birth when he gets older! I have faint memories of visiting my mom at the hospital after my younger sister was born and I was only 3!

The boys will randomly say things like, "Um, mommy? I think it's time for the baby to come. " And I say, "Ohhhhhh no! We still have a lot of time for the baby to cook!" "Cook, mommy?" "Haha. It's just an expression, boys. The baby is growing, growing, growing!"

And Samuel likes to touch my belly (which is growing larger by the minute!) and laugh and say, "There's a little tiny baby in there!" And when he saw Summer Sanders on my exercise video yesterday, who is wearing a little sports bra and pants and bearing her 7 mos belly for all to see, he looked a little alarmed and asked what was wrong with her! I almost felt embarassed to say that that would be me before long!

Of course, if I keep growing at this rate, it won't be long at all..... I am off to do some more growing and hopefully some sleeping so I can feel better soon!

My boys almost exactly 1 year ago! I cannot believe how much they have grown! I'd better stop looking before I cry...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sugar and Things that are Nice!

We (Ben and I) just spent a very happy 1 1/2 hours watching 24 with some of our very favorite friends! They brought this very yummy Key Lime Pie-ish dessert. I know I am feeling better when I am happy to be eating dessert! No more scoffing at chocolate for me! No, sir. Bring on the sugar. It's for the baby, of course:)

Speaking of of a couple of blurry terrible pictures of the boys dipping some beignets in powdered sugar. A very fun way to start a Saturday morning!

"Mommy, I need more sugar, right there!"


Don't worry, we don't have special treats like this very often, promise! But life is so much more fun with a little special treat every once in awhile, right?

P.S. I am hopeful to be doing the letter "T" with the boys this week so if you have any suggestions for a food, activity, place to go or book to read, please let me know!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miscellaneous Weekend!

I know I've been a picture dud lately but I finally figured out that my memory card is full and had popped out of the camera, leaving only space for pictures on the camera memory. Guess I need to make a CD! (Note to self: add to this week's errand list!)

Z and I are feeling much better albeit still congested. We felt crummy for 1 day and I am so glad that was it! I heard that this was a terrible allergy spring and am wondering if this is the reason I am feeling even more congested tonight. And I don't even have allergies! I don't think anyways...

Ready for Miscellaneous?

Saying goodbye to our friend and children's pastor, Miss Athaliah. She is loved by many, many children in this neighborhood!

Zakkai drew his first letter the other day! A very long letter "P" :) He was very proud and immediately wanted to erase it and draw it again!

Nothing like occupying children with stickers!

Samuel ended up making a card for himself:)

Yesterday we went out to the park and practiced baseball with the boys and had a picnic lunch! It was really nice. Until Zakkai got terrified of ants and was afraid they were going to come eat all of our food. And maybe us, too:)

Zakkai is in a phase of fearfulness. He is afraid of so many things, ridiculous, imagined or real! After we closed the door to their bedroom tonight, he immediately started calling for me and was in tears by the time I came in. He hiccupped out that the window was torn. I have no idea why that would scare him but it did nonetheless! He also mentions "ghosts" quite frequently and can either be pretending or scared of them. Ghosts are apparently everywhere! They are outside, in the bedrooms, coming down the hallway, in the trashcan, the closet, the window, his pocket.....It doesn't matter how many times we explain to him that there are no ghosts, he still persists in talking about them! I don't even think he knows what a ghost is....

We've had a lot of fun though taking the boys outside since it was a nice weekend. Little boys should be playing outside often! I can't wait to have a backyard someday:) We went to watch Ben play Ultimate Frisbee with some church friends this afternoon. The boys went prepared with their own frisbee and lots of energy to cheer for daddy and their favorite friends Mr J and Ms D:) Samuel kept yelling at Ben to "run faster so you can catch the frisbee!!" Samuel could hardly keep his eyes open at bedtime:)

Oh and we hope to continue and finish our alphabet weeks starting this week! I had to take a "short" leave of absense from creativity while I was feeling under the weather.... BUT. I am starting to feel SO much better! I actually felt a spurt of energy on Friday and had no nausea all day! I was only a little nauseous off and on yesterday and today but I can feel the winds of change coming. Thank you, Lord!! 14 weeks on Tuesday:)