Monday, November 28, 2011

The night from H-E-L......

Wondering why you haven't heard anything from me? We've had an unbelievable weekend, especially last night. And not in a good way....

It all started on Friday when I got a letter in the mail from my dr saying that I wasn't crazy for all the the miserable symptoms I've had over the past weeks, including horrendous lower back pain, and had a uti. It came complete with a prescription. The only problem? I went to the dr TWO weeks ago and they just now informed me!

Anyways, started antibiotics Fri night, hoping for relief. Felt better Saturday but yesterday came down with the most violent, awful stomach flu EVER. 6 hours after continously getting sick and having horrible back pain, we got worried that my uti had gone into a kidney infection so we woke up all 3 kiddos last night and headed to the ER.

I sent B home to get everyone back in bed and settled in for 6 hours of fun times at the ER. You know how it is: wait, wait, wait and wait some more!

Turns out my uti has cleared up but I got a shot of an antibiotic to make sure, I had the stomach flu and was dehydrated and had a ruptured ovarian cyst. Fun times.

Oh wait! The story's not over yet! While I was receiving fluids and feeling like I had been run over by a Mack truck, B calls and reluctantly tells me that Samuel is now at home vomiting. And on top of that? Ben has inhaled a peanut into his lung, can't cough it out and is running a fever! He called the ER, the very same one where I was, and they told him he needed to come in.

So at 4am, B woke up our kiddos, sickness and all, came to pick me up, helped us get home and tucked in bed and headed out for his very own ER trip. Complete with the same dr and nurse, who were asking how I was.

Seriously. You couldn't make this stuff up!

B had to get x-rays and they weren't able to spot the peanut but think he either has a scratch on his lung from it, which should feel better by tonight, or the peanut is still there and he has to come back in tonight or tomorrow to get it pushed out.

Ridiculous. So, please keep us in your prayers so that we can heal! And pray no one else gets hit with the demon flu.



grandma said...

You seemed so happy when you all were decorating the Christmas tree. Isn't it strange how a few days later and as you said and I quote "the night fron H-E-L came" Oh how we pray you all are better tonight. We love you all. We all felt so helpless over here in Ohio we could only pray.

Emily S. said...

Oh, my, Heidi! I wish we lived closer so I could come help you out!! I hope you all quickly recover! (And by the way, who the heck lets their patient know they have an infection via letter??!!!)Sending virtual hugs your way...

dwilliams said...

Oh dear that sounds terrible :-( If you need your own personal ER nurse let me know and I will be right over!! (seriously I have the rest of the week off...)