Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When You Know...

You need to move bedtime up a little:
sometimes I forget that he's only 4:)

Just got back from Zumba and it was a great class! The hour went by SO fast, I couldn't believe it. There were two older guy that joined the class for the first time out of curiosity. They take yoga from the same instructor and I was impressed at how well they did!

Especially after they started bragging that they were 68 and 74 years old. You're never too old for Zumba!
Parent teacher conferences are next Monday but we couldn't work out a good time so Mrs S. let us meet with her today. B was going to take all the kiddos home so I could meet with her alone but she invited all of us to come, so we did!

She had the nicest things to say about Samuel:) It feels so wonderful to hear that your child is respectful, fitting in well with classmates, learning and likeable! She showed us test scores (they take all sorts of standardized and state tests these days) and we were really surprised to see how well he did. He is in the advanced reading group at school (which he never told us!) and is testing at a 2nd grade level. I guess reading all these books with them pays off;)

I am happy B and I are passing our love of reading on to our children!

I was wondering how he was fitting in, being one of the youngest in the class. You hear a lot of things these days about people holding their kids back from starting school, especially boys so there are a lot of 7 year olds in his class. I specifically asked his teacher about it and she said he is doing wonderfully and fits in perfectly. I am so glad!

I am so thankful that God gave her to our son for a teacher this year! We prayed for a good fit for him, someone to challenge him and yet remain compassionate to his areas of struggle (which become less and less each year!). God answered perfectly. Better start praying for next year.....

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Grandma W said...

I am so proud of S - and Z - for their hard work in school. And how cute that S received his first phone call. Buckle up for the ride :)