Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I am sitting here, totally sated by turkey and all the trimmings (the ones that turned out anyways:) The hubster and I have been up since 6am preparing our Thanksgiving feast.

We started out with cranberry scones, eggs and fruit for breakfast which lasted B and I til our big dinner at 3pm. The boys snacked a little in between. It's hard to ask the little people to wait hours and hours to eat!

I just knew something wasn't going to turn out as I'd hoped, it always seems to happen that way. This time it was the stuffing. Lesson learned: do not stuff the turkey with stuffing (no matter how loosely) and definitely do not put stuffing around the turkey. Put it in a different pan!!!

Soggy stuffing just does not do the trick.

But all the rest turned out perfectly....or almost!

Turkey (with lots of leftovers!!!), mashed potatoes (my first perfectly turned out batch!), gravy, fresh green beans and homemade herbed dinner rolls. Mmm, mmm, mmm! And for dessert?
 Pumpkin Streusel Pie and Texas Crunch! Oh and definitely don't forget the whipped cream:)

 Z enjoying his treat:)

Missy gobbled up turkey, mashed potatoes (with a little gravy!) and green beans. It was fun to eat with her at (or near) the table:)

 Samuel showing how happy he was to have such a full belly!

 My wonderful hubby who worked his tail off today, and me:)

We also made a Thanksgiving craft together: A Native American and 2 Pilgrims:) The boys had a blast!

We also got to skype with my family as they were still gathered together. I could just picture myself right with them and missed all the hugs, the laughter and the ornament making. We missed you all today!

We all chose at least one thing to thank Jesus for tonight:

Ben: That Eliana's heart is healthy, for our wonderful family and food to fill our bellies.

Samuel: For breakfast, lunch and turkey dinner, for dessert and for his Pilgrim:)

Heidi: For my wonderful, loving husband, for my sweet precious boys and darling daughter and for our food.

Zakkai: For Christmas.

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