Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am sitting here at 10pm with a nice breeze blowing through the window typing and listening to my neighbors who have their baby up WAY too late...anyways. It has been a busy week, thankfully. It makes the time go faster when it's busier. Only 12 days left (as of tomorrow morning) til Ben comes home!!!!! He is so ready to come home and we are SOOO ready for him to come!
I have been trying to keep myself occupied not only during the daytimes but the evenings also. Since I have been back home I have made two baby blanket, one knitted, one sewn, organized and decorated the house, read too many books, read too many blogs.....I'm in the market for some more projects! I really should work on my scrapbooking and my quilt but for some reason can't quite work up the enthusiasm for it:)
Today we got to meet my friend Tracy's new little baby, Graham. You always forget how tiny they are! Zakkai is a beast compared to this tiny 8lb person!! It was fun to get the boys out and they always love to play with other people's toys. Aislinn, the big sister, was very proud to introduce us to "baby brother." I love how little girls have this mothering instinct even at such a young age!
This weekend my sister and her hubby are coming to visit for their annual Labor Day weekend trip! This is the 3rd year now:) Usually we have Cranium battles, guys vs girls, but due to hubby's Cranium this year, which is probably a good thing since the guys win every game!! I swear they cheat... We are going to the zoo on Saturday and the weather's supposed to be beautiful. It'll be nice to have company this weekend! And when they leave on Monday, there will only be just over a week left!! Yea!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Progression of a Zakkai-Tantrum

This lovely "photo shoot" was taken in the span of about 1 minute or less! Zakkai's tantrums are like a summer rainstorm.......the rain comes on fast and intensely but is almost immediately followed by bright sunshine! Enjoy:)

"What to you mean I can't throw my food?!"

"You're taking my picture at a time like this?!"

"Well, it is a little bit funny..."

"Okay, I'm done!"

And Samuel was sitting there at the table the whole time. I laughed at Zakkai when he tried to give me another grumpy face and said, "Zakkai, you are so ridiculous!" And my little copy cat said, "Zakkai, you are so redickerous!"

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Box (and other stories)

This is the Box
This is what's inside the Box
This is the Box being decorated...
And this is the boys' newly rearranged and
organized bedroom. They finally have a play area!

I have managed to keep myself (and the boys) busy for the past two days since I declared my boredom and loneliness! Yesterday we took a trip to the downtown library where S and Z had a blast picking out lots of books. Today I spent the morning rearranging the boys room. I got an Amazon gift card from my sister (thank you, Gretchen!) and picked out the shelf with the colored bins you see above. The boys' toys were scattered in every room of the house, it seemed, so I really needed something to help organize them. I really like my new arrangement. They have a whole corner in their room to play! And my living room looks neater now, too:) They are still having a blast playing with all of their toys that they haven't seen in "so long." And even just rearranging them to a different room makes them all exciting again, too!
Today was a LONG day. Thank goodness for bedtime! I think Samuel might really be missing Ben and our families because he's been having a rough couple of days. He's been acting out a lot which isn't normal for him. He was SO good in Columbus and I never had to give him a time out but since we've been back it's been a different story. I feel bad for him and frustrated all at the same time! He antagonizes Zakkai which makes Zakkai scream (which he was already doing in the first place), which makes him bug Z more, which makes Z scream louder.....You can see why the days seem long! We miss you, Ben! Come back soon!! (For my sanity!)
Oh, and the Box! That box is from the shelf and bins that I ordered and it instantly became a toy! What better than a giant box??!! Samuel and Zakkai hide in it, read books in it, this afternoon ate a snack and watched a cartoon in it and decorated it:) Anyone ever read "Christina Katerina and the Box"?? (If you're in my family, you'd better say yes!) It's a book by my great aunt that is a wonderful story of a little girl's imagination with a giant box. I love that book!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


well, I wish I had something interesting to blog about....but other than today being Z's 18 month bday and him being a terror....I don't! Oh yes, Z is a terror. He has full fledgedly become a toddler. In the past couple of days, he has screamed (A LOT), thrown himself to the ground (gently, mind you), thrown toys and given me THE grumpiest little faces you've ever seen!! I was on my last nerve this afternoon from all the screaming going on in the house (and Samuel and I weren't participating) so we went for a little walk to get.some.fresh.air....It's a good thing that booger is cute!!
Since we've come back, it's been hot, the toilet broke and I miss Ben more than ever. I knew it was time to come because there were a lot of little things to take care of I'm really missing family. It's very lonely to watch the Olympics alone at night....there's no one to cheer with or yell with about the cheating going on!! So sad...
It feels like Ben should be here. I know S feels the same way because yesterday morning he asked me if daddy was out in the living room. He is counting down the days like me! (20 if you want to know!) I can't believe how much they've changed this summer. Ben won't be able to either. Samuel has conversations that are more adult-like and plays with more imagination and for really long periods by himself, especially when it's with his precious trains. (note to self: take picture of S with his wheelbarrow full of trains...) And Zakkai is, as I mentioned, totally toddler. He's into everything, repeating lots of words and really interested in playing at an older level, too. Did I mention that he has started climbing in the past few days, too? And we've still got 6 months til he turns two! We are in trouble....
I am trying to get the apt organized. I am always rearranging (just ask our housegroup!) and trying to figure out better ways to fit everything in. Any tips for making lots of toys NOT look like they're overrunning your house? I'm about ready to say no more toys for bdays and Christmas (JK Samuel!!) and have people add to their college fund instead...(okay, so only S has one so far and it doesn't have much in it:)
Will post with pics nextime and make it more interesting!!! Have a good Thursday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're Ba-ack!

I've been terrible at blogging this past month because we've been so busy having fun with my family:) The boys and I arrived safely back to crazy-town a couple of hours ago. It was a good trip for the most part. The driving was good and smooth and quick but the children....well I'll sum it up and say they didn't nap. Grrr...They are in bed now and I am expecting a good night's sleep out of them (and me!) !!
I am going to miss my family so much. It started out so busy and a little stressful but the last part of the trip was so peaceful and wonderful. I love my mom and stepdad so much! I felt a little guilty leaving them since my mom isn't back on her feet (foot) yet. Hopefully she will be soon. I hope you see you walking next time I come back, mom!
We had fun shopping, playing games, watching the Olympics, hanging out with Mugga, Papa and Grandma, playing in the yard, grilling out... (I wish I had a grill!) I'm so glad I stayed an extra week. It doesn't seem SO bad to say that Ben is coming bad in just over 3 weeks. The hard part is telling that to Samuel. He woke up today and asked if daddy was going to be at home when we got there....and then asked again as we pulled up to our building:( I can see why he would think that. Not yet, buddy, but SOON!!
And for some good news!! Ben's brother, Andrew, arrived safely today back from Iraq! Praise God!!!
I miss you already, mom and Derek. Thank you for letting us stay for so long and helping to pass the time while Ben is gone. We love you so much!!!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Summer


1. I LOVE my husband

2. I want a house

3. I don't want a dog

4. Family is the best!

5. I don't like to drive

6. I have picked up some Chicago road rage...

7. But I still drive safely (just a little more impatiently)

8. That I'm stronger than I think

9. That I need God! (that should have been number 1!!)

10. That I don't want a dog (did I mention that already?!)

11. That I'm terrible at cornhole

12. That I'm so blessed to have my life with my husband and sweet little boys

13. Where to point out Turkey on the map (I had just forgotten....)

14. That Chicago is darn expensive!! (oh, wait, I already knew that!)

15. That the country is a WHOLE lot quieter than the city!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And time is passing....

Well, it has been about 3 1/2 weeks of being "hubby-less"...and I'm very sad. I am so busy here doing the whole mommy-thang and taking care of my mom and her household but I miss Ben SO MUCH! I find myself daydreaming about his homecoming and then have to make myself stop because then I feel like it's so close (and it's not:(
Okay, before I feel sorry for myself, I must say this: I have a WHOLE new appreciation for military wives. I am having a teeny tiny glimpse into what their life must be like. Take my sister-in-law, for example. She has been alone and raising two little boys for almost 15 months now! 15 months! Who am I to complain about 9 weeks!!! My brother-in-law, Andrew, is due to come home in TWO WEEKS! Oh, please pray for him to come home safely and for his adjustment home, with his family! I just have so much respect for the wives of the soldiers who carry such a big burden while their men are off fighting and living so dangerously every single day. Amazing people!
And now to what we've been doing...well, we have been working and playing! To be precise, I have been working and S and Z have been playing! (just in case you were wondering!) Tonight my sister and her hubby came over after we spent the afternoon painting in my mom's new office (she relocated closer to home) and we had burgers on the grill (oh, how I wish I had a grill!!), milkshakes (chocolate and banana...YUM) and finished the night playing a little cornhole. For those of you "city-folk", cornhole is a country game they like to play out here:) Tossing the bean bags into the holes on a wooden ramp. Yea....I'm not very good. I didn't play sports as a child:) My mom and Derek made their own cornhole game which is very nice! It was hilarious to play because my mom, who is still on crutches, has borrowed one of those scooters for elderly people (ever seen the hoverround commercial...HILARIOUS!!) and she rode it down a ramp and played cornhole with us. That is a funny sight!!
The boys have been playing, playing, playing!! It is SO nice to have a yard and a porch for them to play on! They get so dirty playing in the dirt. They play with shovels and rakes, cars and pushtoys, mini trucks and bulldozers...Boy-heaven!! They are still very intimidated by Rufus (Rufus-Dufus, as my sister calls him..) Samuel almost petted him today...almost. Rufus is just way too excited by the sight of children since he's a toddler himself:) He has leapt on them and chased them (and knocked them over) a few too many times....bad dog! My children are traumatized! Can we say time for puppy school?!
We are getting good time with family and gearing up to watch the Olympics together. Fun!!! How lonely would it be to watch it by myself at home?? I have missed out on way too many "parties" that my family has when they get together to watch fun things like Buckeye games and finally I'll be here!
Well, that's about it. I'm up way too late...but I usually get in the writing mood at night. I miss my friends at home. I know it will be good to get back. Did I mention I'm thinking of staying here an extra week?? Yeah....I'm wanted here and loved! Okay, probably mostly just the boys:)