Monday, November 14, 2011

Silly Girl and Growing Up.

 These past couple of weeks, Eliana has been changing SO much! It's amazing how their little minds just know they are one all of the sudden and how they should grow and change.

She has added "Doggie" and "Fan" to her signs and has started saying "Eye!" although it's more like "Ah." She has pointed to Baby's eyes and nose since she got her and we have been repeating over and over what they are and a couple of days ago she pointed to Baby's eye and said, "Ahh!" Yeah!

We can really tell that E wants to communicate with us a lot. She wants to show us what she knows (ex. LIGHTS. She knows where every light in the house is and tells us about them 627 times a day!) and wants to find a way to tell us about things she hears or sees but doesn't know the words/signs for. It has been really fun to watch her connect the dots and start to pick up language.

She likes to throw things now like beanbags, balls and toys:) She throws them a little distance, crawls after them and does it all over again. She also loves when we bring her up on the couch and she crawls around and lays her head down and just giggles. So silly!

 She likes to put treasures in special places now! She puts cups and little toys and lids as high as she can reach on shelves, the table and the stairs:) Soon we will be hunting around the house looking for missing toys! As long as she doesn't get ahold of the keys....
Samuel is just as crazy about her as ever and loves to talk to her, helping her to learn words and signs, and hold her. She will always know she has a friend and protector in Samuel!

She has been fighting some stomach virus for about a week now and was running a fever yesterday morning, although you couldn't tell from this picture! Today she seemed happier, although still having diarrhea as of this morning. We are praying and hoping it is on its way out...

This afternoon my phone rang and although I didn't recognize the number, I was expecting a call back from the dr (about E) and picked it up. There was dead silence on the other end. I said again, "Hello?" Then this muffled voice said loudly into the phone "HELLO." We repeated this one more time and I started to think this was a prank or something and said, "Who is this?" Then the voice said, "This is Adam. Is Samuel there?"

My 6 year old is getting phone calls now!!! I'm not ready for this. At least it wasn't a girl:)

S wasn't home the first time his friend called so I told him to call back in a bit. Sure enough, the phone rang just after dinner and you should've seen the look on Samuel's face when he started talking. It was adorable! He put it up to his ear and said hello and then the biggest grin crossed his face, he brought the phone down on his chest and said, "He said Hello!!"
And then he got all coy on us because, after all, we were standing there as a family grinning at him goofily, and he told us to stop staring at him!

Does taking pictures of him count as staring??

He had to keep asking Z to be quiet (something I have to do on a regular basis when I'm talking on the phone) and it was the silliest conversation I've ever heard in my life. Finally we asked him to wind it down and when he got off and got ready for bed, he was just full of energy:) So cute!

Tonight I am thankful for friends for my sons. Samuel was so nervous about starting a new school this year, so sad about leaving his old friends and not sure that the other children would like him. And now he can't wait to go to school in the mornings and see his new buddies, he is getting phone calls and told me yesterday that he thinks he loves this school better than his old one. And Z is learning how to make friends and find his own little niche in the world. I hope he finds some good buddies all of his own that find out how wonderful he is! I need to pray for good friends for my children!

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