Friday, November 4, 2011

Pictures in Words

I got to the end of today and I went to upload my pictures on to the computer and realized....I didn't take any! With my camera that is....

But I did take a lot with my mind and I'll share with you what I saw.

Today I saw:

*The sweetest baby girl with her hair up in a pebbles ponytail, held by a purple rosette barrette. She was wearing black velvety overalls over a lavender onsie and I must say that purple is beautiful with her rosy cheeks, honey colored hair and guileless blue eyes.

This baby girl crawled around making messes every where she went. She pulled down scraps of paper off of the end tables (a.k.a. tv trays:) and ate them, she tugged out her basket of toys and decorated the floor with brightly colored baby toys, she pulled up on her mommy and daddy's legs begging for hugs and for food.

I see this little princess in my head so clearly and it makes my heart smile.

* I saw a little-turned-big boy dressed in his bright red knitted hat and dark gray buckeye sweatshirt heading off to school. He was running next to me to school because we were running behind (a usual occurrence lately) in his new speedy black and gray tennis shoes. He slipped into line with a minute to spare, bent down to give his baby sister kisses and leaned into me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I hear his sweet "I love you" whispering in my ear still, I see his blue-gray eyes turning back to look at me as he blew me kisses while following his class into school.

And I see those lovely eyes lighting on me with joy when he spotted me after school, coming to bring him home where he is loved.

I see this sweet, handsome boy in my head so clearly and it makes my heart smile.

* I see my trying-to-turn-big boy wearing his red striped shirt and jeans talking to me, always talking. He turns the force of his brilliant blue eyes on me with such directness and intention. He wants me to play with him and contentment washes across his face when I get the baby to sleep and announce that we are going to play a game together before lunch. Just the two of us, sitting on the floor playing 'Zingo' and enjoying each other's company in the quiet. I see a little boy eager to please yet easily overwhelmed with his emotions when I tell him he cannot do or have a piece of candy at 9 in the morning!

I see his little face pressed up close to mine at bedtime, happy eyes smiling and little voice pleading with me to bring my weary, sore body upstairs to tuck him in with his well-loved and worn Rays.

I see this darling, impulsive little boy in my head so clearly and it makes my heart smile.

Tonight I am thankful for my 3 Pictures. They make me smile even when I don't want to:)

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Grandma W said...

I can picture them in my mind as I read your blog...I also liked Professor Tom Turkey. How cute is that! S's comment about what he wanted for Christmas - wow. Can't get that out of my head.