Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outdoor Fun

I am so thankful that today was a beautiful day with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Since I am solo on Saturdays, it really helps when it's nice enough for the boys to play outside and get lots of energy out!

They literally spent hours outside playing with their neighbor friend, Mikey. He spent the entire day hanging out on our backporch, whether the boys were out or not. A few times we had to open the door and ask him to stop staring in at us and come back later!

I peeked outside to see what the boys were doing and found Samuel looking like this! I love their imaginations:) (that's a catcher's net on his head!)

 I got a couple of pictuers of the boys in mid-run. Samuel saw me and came running to the door to say hi to me and to little Sis:)

 Zakkai having a blast! This is his new winter coat I got for dirt cheap at the end of last winter at Kohl's. I love to buy the boys' coats big so they last at least 2 years. Samuel asked me the other day how long his coat was going to last and wondered if he'd still be wearing it when he was a teenager:)

 The boys were playing train or something and the little boy who lives across from us, who's about 2 years old, kept peeking out of the blinds at the boys. He kept pointing to the trains and waving at them. It was cute!

And Little Missy spent a good chunk of time banging on the door trying to get her beloved brothers' attention and yelling "Da? Dadadayayaya!"

 And then she had a few things to say to me....

And then she found Zakkai's cup:) It's no wonder we share germs! (don't worry, she wasn't really drinking out of it, I took it away just in time!)
Tonight one of the books we read before bed was "The Berenstein Bears spent a week at Grandma's." Mama and Papa Bear go on a second honeymoon so the cubs, Brother and Sister, spent a week with Gran and Gramps. They weren't sure about it at first but ended up having a great time.

So after we finished the book, the boys went off to use the bathroom one more time (a nightly routine:) and Zakkai said, "What's a honeymoon?" They had described it in the book so I repeated, "It's a special trip that mommies and daddies take after they get married to celebrate!"

Z paused and asked, "Did you and Daddy take a honeymoon?" I said that we had and he asked, "Were we with you?"

I smiled and said, "No, you weren't with us. You weren't even born yet!" I could see his little wheels turning and the next question was: "Were we in your tummy?"

I said, afraid of the next question, "No, you weren't in my tummy yet..." Zakkai paused again.

"Well, where were we? Were we in Grandma's tummy?" hahahaha! I just love his line of thinking and how he tries to reason through things he doesn't understand! But I was thinking that it would be a weird thought for a child to think "Where was I before I was here? Because I only know this life and how to be me."

So now Z is ready for B and I to go on a second honeymoon so they can go to OH and stay with family for a week!

I'm going to go spend a little time with my long-lost, hard-working hubby for a minute before he falls over on his feet!

*Today I am thankful for the sun. It is something you take for granted (unless you rarely see it which is often the case in the midwest!) because it rises and sets each day. But the sun has the power to lift your spirits and make a day seem new and fresh and brighter, in more ways than one. Nothing like a sunny day!

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aunt t said...

That is one great thing about Texas, the sky is blue everyday! The damp cold gray sky was affecting me.

Boys are so creative and active, they had a blast--didn't they?