Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To be Thankful.

We got the official good news today that E's heart is just fine!! Her murmur is small and functional and will cause no symptoms so she can run (someday) and play, eat and be active (which she is) as much as she wants with no problems. Yea!!!

So thankful.

Z has turned the corner and is finally improving ~ more yea! He was more himself today and his cough is nasty but much, much better, as in not sounding like he has bronchitis or croup.

So thankful.

Unfortunately, my dear family has shared this lovely illness with me. I just finished some hot tea to sooth my poor sore throat. I am hoping that somehow I will get a mutant germ that never fully develops and I'll wake up tomorrow feeling grrreeeaat. Right.

Not thankful.

Made our second ever trip to Aldi today. I have been scared of Aldi's ever since visiting there with my aunt back in the 90s. It didn't have the greatest reputation for awhile but apparently Aldi's is the bomb these days. It's Ben's new favorite store. He loves the whole quarter/cart thing.....And we love that things are waaaay cheaper there than Target. (Sorry, Target. You had 100% of my business until you started raising your prices like crazy. Good way to kick a person while they're down.) Glad for a chance to save a little $!


About to spend our very first Thanksgiving in our own home. While we are very sad about missing family (and especially those we haven't see in FAR too long!) and special traditions, we are really looking forward to relaxing together and making special memories. And hopefully making a nice turkey. And mashed potatoes that don't resemble brick mortar. Not that I've ever done that or anything....

So thankful.

I'm thankful that I've found at least one thing to be thankful about every day this month, even on the toughest days. It's a good habit to get into, forcing yourself to weed through all of the distractions, the stress, the nitty gritty in your life and in your day and find at least one thing, one blessing to be thankful for.

Chances are you'll find a lot more than just one. And maybe you won't notice or focus on the not-so-nice things quite as much.


aunt t said...

We are so thankful that Eliana's heart is fine, she is a special little girl! Boy, I wanted to meet her again but God is always working things out for the good. We will miss all of you this Thanksgiving and pray that all your desires will be fulfilled soon.

Charity said...

We're on our way to the Der for breakfast. We will miss you! I hope your Thanksgiving feast turns out great. Love you!