Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friends, Sickness and Hope.

Yesterday we were blessed to spend time with lots of friends! In the morning a friend from my old mom's group came over with her two little girls to hang out. And in the evening we got to enjoy dinner and fun conversation with one of our favorite couples:)

My friend's oldest daughter, who is one month older than Z, (not pictured) brought this lava bubble thing over and Zakkai seriously spent almost the entire time watching the bubbles, flipping it over and doing it all over again. I absolutely have to find one of these for him!!

Poor Z is so sick:( His cold took a turn for the worse Thurs night and his cough has been progressively worse, which is his pattern unfortunately. Then this morning he started having terrible tummy pain and vomiting. We are watching him closely, trying to determine if he's gone into a secondary infection and needs to be seen by a dr or if it is a virus on top of his sickness and will pass.

He is sleeping now, thankfully, so we will see....
 Eliana, who also has a little cold/cough, spent some good time driving cars (and throwing them) today. She even made some pretty good car noises! Such a busy little person these days...
 As soon as Samuel gets down on the ground, she is stuck to him like glue. He LOVES when she crawls all over him! Couldn't resist this adorable picture:)

I guess my exercising is rubbing off on the family and Eliana thought she'd try her hand at it today!
But it isn't so easy to pick up weights that are 1/3 of your weight! Such a silly girl:)

Hoping and praying that sickness leaves this house in time for us to enjoy family time next week.

I am thankful for unexpected conversations with people that lift your spirits and give encouragement and hope. It is such a blessing and like finding a bright spot of color and hope in an otherwise dreary or dark day. God knows when your spirits need lifting:)

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