Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Little Indians

Now don't get all "politically correct" on me! I'm just following what the school said:)

Today Zakkai's class did a special Thanksgiving Feast at school, using the book "Stone Soup" and talking about the Indians and the Pilgrims. Can you believe that the parents were NOT invited?? I am still upset about that!

They practiced and performed a little play on stage and not one single parent was allowed to come. Is that the most bizzare thing?

Zakkai has been talking about this for a week now and today when I picked him up, he was wearing his yellow Indian hat with the red feather very proudly:)

Samuel's face lit up when he came out of school and saw Z proudly standing front and center with his red-feathered hat on. Let's just say that Z received many curious looks from the students!

So this afternoon after hanging up coats, hats, mittens and bookbags, the boys got right to work decorating a hat just for Samuel:) It was so cute to listen to them because it's usually Samuel instructing Zakkai but this time it was the other way around. They finished decorated the coveted hat and ran off to play Indians and Castles or something like that;)

No one ever said Indians couldn't live in castles.

Tonight I am feeling thankful for the delighted looks on my boys' faces when I jumped in their Indian/Castle/Putting the bad guys in the dungeon game. It doesn't take much at all to make your child's day and I wish I could remember that more often. It was so fun to hear their bursts of giggles when I played a very silly bad guy and surprised them with lots of tickling and silly singing. What special boys I have and what a fun memory to think about!

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