Thursday, December 1, 2011

This N' That.

I snuck a few pictures into our day today just to prove that we've still alive:)
This girlie is obsessed with her daddy! If he's around, she doesn't want him to get a lick of work done; she wants him to devote every second to her highness:)

And he falls for it everytime...

 She started doing the sign for "Up" today! Again...purely for the sake of having her daddy pick her up:)

And this little goofball was very helpful this morning with cleaning. He helped B and I mop and disinfect doorknobs and light switches (again!) and then as he was cleaning off the sliding glass door, he got sidetracked by our maintenance guy trimming bushes outside.

So he donned his winter gear and sat quietly on the back porch for a good 15-20 minutes just watching and soaking in every little detail. So he could tell me about it later:)

Samuel is just loving every second back at school and keep saying how thankful he is to have good friends. I am thankful for that, too! He also said that one of his friends lost a tooth at school today and I could hear the wistfulness in his voice. He can't wait to lose his first tooth! Unfortunately, he takes after my side of the family in the slow to grow and lose teeth department:)

I actually almost felt a hunger pang today! It was truly a memorable experience:) First time in 5 days that I felt like eating more that a few saltines, toast or peppermint tea. I'm just glad this didn't happen right before Thanksgiving!

B has a prodecure scheduled for Tuesday to get the darn peanut out of his lung. He is going to be thrilled to pieces to get it out and be able to breathe normally again! Until then, he is using an inhaler to keep his airways open and chewing more carefully:) I tried to ban him from peanuts forever but it didn't work....

He's a stubborn one:)

Hoping for a quieter weekend!

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grandma said...

I can relate to B on the peanut thing. I was told be careful with pop corn after my operation and wouldn't you know I crave popcorn soooo I do endulge ever so often. Very carefully so. He will chew that peanut really up from now on. So glad to hear family is getting back... you too. Can hardly wail for Christmas.