Thursday, September 1, 2011


 I am pleading complete and utter exhaustion tonight. Therefore, you will only be getting a fragment of what is left of me. Actually there only is a fragment left anyways:)

I now have the car only 2 days a week so I felt such pressure to get ALL my errands done today during my limited time. I definitely need to come up with a new plan! I usually prefer to get everything done in the mornings but I couldn't bear to wake up my sleeping beauty. She had a rough night, up coughing and crying several times, and really needed a good morning nap.

I tried to give her breakfast before we left, which she refused (it's hard to eat when you're so stuffy~poor thing!) so Z, E and I scurried out of here around 11am to pick up Samuel for his lunch.

We got back home at 4:50pm. Never again. Ever.

I tried out a new produce store which fell flat. I kept looking up at the lighting thinking, "Is it the lighting that is making everything in here look so....brown...and old?" Nope. Not the lighting. Plus it was way too crowded so I won't be going back there. The search for good produce is still on, I guess!

 Zakkai  happily agreed to be the other half of my "Speedy Gonzales Team." He did a mostly good job! :) He told me that if there was anything too high to reach on the shelves, he would get it for me:) The hardest part when shopping with little people is when you are halfway done and they insist that they must use the bathroom right that second and not a millisecond later!


We finally rushed out of Super Target (which, I must tell you, is shrinking on my list of favorite stores. Anyone else notice their prices have risen dramatically and their quality is lower?) just in time to get S from school.

He wasn't thrilled to learn that he had to join us for our last stop to Costco until he realized there was the possibility of samples to be had:) There are very smart people at Costco!

We were in and out of Costco as quick as you can be with 3 little ones in tow, filling our short list and stopping for gas. Then we zoomed home with a van full of food to last for weeks and 4 very tired people ranging in ages of 10 months to Old!

The boys helped me drag our bags inside and I finally got a completely overtired, exhausted, grumpy, stuffy baby to sleep. So tired that she couldn't even eat!

Anyways, even though I am nursing a pounding headache and have gritty eyes, I am so thankful for wonderful, patient children and that we finally have food again! And toilet paper.

A definite must-have:)

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grandma said...

OH My such a day after you talked to me. Have you a Jewell around there may be it would be better just going to the normal grocrery store or may be not. Not sure if they are too pricey