Saturday, September 3, 2011

Water Play!

Today was one of B's very long work days (as a matter of fact, he isn't even home yet:( ) so we tried to find things to occupy us for the day. Once the boys get ramped up inside and I feel like I will rip my hair out, I order them outside to get rid of any and all extra energy immediately!

They balk at first and then 2 minutes later are having a blast outside;) It was pretty humid today so I lured Z outside with many buckets of water and cups. Water will do it everytime....
Before I knew it, Samuel had abandoned his bike for water play, too! I brought Eliana out for a few minutes after she finished her breakfast and she immediately stuck her arm in the buckets and tried to dump them over...much to the dismay of her big bros.

 So I brought her in and gave her her very own water:) It was definitely much more fun when it wasn't hers but it did still provide a few minutes of entertainment!

 Until she found much more interesting things nearby.... She is very busy these days!! She spent long moments at the stroller inspecting the seatbelts:)
Whenever I see her pulled up on something, I can't believe how little she looks to be doing such "big" things!! She has gotten lots of minor head bonks the past week or so since she's decided pulling up is THE thing to do.

Ben practically follows her around with pillows because he cannot stand for her to get even the slightest bump! She's very blessed to have such a loving....overprotective daddy:)

I can and will post the recipe to my decadent, wonderful, amazing, rich cheesecake very soon. Well, I can't claim credit for coming up with it, although I wish I could:) I could've even posted it last night....except it was probably a lure into making you come out of hiding just to comment!

I'm sick.

And tonight I accidentally made the most delicious pork tenderloin! Two days in a row of good cooking! I've had the pork tenderloin for awhile and haven't known what to do with it so today after reading and tossing out several pork-ish recipes, I made up the most random marinade for it.

Random. I couldn't even tell you measurements and I'm embarassed to tell you what was in it, except it turned out SO moist and good! I put some soy sauce (reduced-sod), ketchup, Dijon mustard, brown sugar and garlic powder in a bag and mushed it up together and plopped the nasty raw hunk of meat inside (haven't I mentioned how much I despise raw meat?? Ick!!). It probably marinated in the fridge for a good 4+ hours.

Then I cooked it on 375 in a roasting pan with some cut up potatoes for about 45-50 minutes. I was nervous to taste it but boy, oh boy! My accidental pork roast:) Me thinks....No, me knows I will have a very happy husband when he walks in the door soon.

He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy:) And a cheesecake guy, too, I guess!

And P.S. Just a shout out to Keller, TX!! You have officially become my number one readers! You have surpassed Chicago AND C-bus. Thank you, dear family, for your faithful reading;) You make my day!!


Charity said...

Yay from Keller, TX! I guess that means you'll have to fly down here to meet with your biggest fans. Hehehe.

grandma said...

Hay what about your ever faithful Gram over here in Plain City although I was gone this week end and just getting caught up with your fun news about living in and about Chicago. How soon we forget but I'm back to defend my city.