Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day-to-Day Wednesday.

The Day-to-Day of Today:

*Zakkai is still on his quest to stay dry at nighttime, something he still only accomplishes a 2-3 times a week. I have to get him up at least twice a night to go potty because he is SUCH a heavy sleeper that he cannot wake himself up enough to go. I just went up for potty trip number one and he was so out of it that he talked in his sleep the whole way to the bathroom. "Mommy, I....Mommy, I just....I just need... I really need a leaf to..." Haha!

Sometimes he is so out of it that he sleeps through the entire process and we literally have to hold him up or he will fall over backwards into the wall or forwards into the toilet!

*Eliana has a new fun thing she is doing: It's called Middle of the Night Party! Last night it was from 2:07am to 4:02am, when she finally gave up. No idea what is going on with her. It's always a guess and teething is a fun one to blame it on, given the soon-to-be arrival of her fangs. She starts out just squawking here and there and I check on her to make sure all is well. Then she decides that isn't enough and she wants me to climb in the crib with her and sing her to sleep and gets super mad. Like, really mad. But don't worry, I haven't resorted to climbing in the crib yet..

It's so fun to listen to your baby scream in the wee hours of the morning, let me tell you. She even discovered, to her great interest, that she could scream, cry and say "Dada" all at the same time! Man, she is talented! I admit that it did provide a brief comic relief for Ben and I. Brief.

*Zakkai started a cooking class through the parks district today. He was SO excited when he heard about the class and wanted me to sign him up right away:) They made brownies and he really wanted to bring one home for me and promised that next time he would. Such a sweet boy!

*I got a little bit of alone time with Samuel today, as Wednesdays are his early pick up day. He comes with me to get Z instead of the other way around. We went to the little playground outside of Z's preschool building and no one else was there; just us out in the glorious sunshine! I was watching Samuel swing himself down the slides, clamber up steps and ladders like a monkey and try to jump off of smaller slides and all I could think was "When did you get so big?" He has such a confidence now that he has never had and I love it.

It was like the challenge of Kindergarten last year was the test that broke down some barriers for him and he has passed through to the other side. Sure, he still has things that are harder for him, transitions that are difficult, etc but I am amazed at how far he has come! I can't get over what an effortless transition it was into school this year, thank you, God!

*Tonight as he was climbing into bed he said, "Mommy, have you ever heard of a care package?" I said yes, and he said, "Mrs Shapiro (his teacher) made a care package for her son Michael (a sophomore in college) and it was the hugest care package I've ever seen!" Not that he's seen many care packages. As he described what was in it (Nemo fruit snacks, homemade cookies and more goodies:), his eyes were so big and his face so animated. He kept saying, "It was the hugest box, the biggest care package I ever saw!"

I promised him that when he is in college, I will send him a care package, too:)

*And for some brutal honesty (b/c I'm not afraid to be a little transparent about the good times as well as the not-so-good!), we are in countdown mode over here for two reasons. One, it has been an incredibly difficult month financially (as Sept always is) and we are counting down until a paycheck on Friday. Ben's new job doesn't start paying him until the middle of next month so we have been surviving off of his other part-time job, hence his very long Saturdays at work. We are truly amazed at what we have been able to do with what we have! You'd probably be pretty amazed, too, if you knew what we've had to work with. I don't mind sharing this, only because it's yet one more way that we've had to rely on God throughout this long journey here. And He's never failed to provide for us. Ever.

Also, with the aforementioned, much-awaited paycheck, we are hoping to eek out enough for a bag of apples when we go apple-picking on Friday! It is a yearly tradition for me, one that I grew up with, and now one that has become very special to our family over the past 4 years. I can't tell you how excited the boys are! And I'm mostly talking about Ben:) haha!

*And now I'm going to try to catch up on some of my lost sleep, thanks to my cutie-pie rooster! Night!

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grandma said...

Apple picking is so fun. Long ago I did that with my grandkidos. Your Mom went apple picking all by herself this last week. I think her reason was those apple pies. That made me so sad she had to go alone but it sure was great for Grandpa and I. Now to get busy and make those good old pies.