Monday, September 12, 2011

The First Day of Preschool...Again!

 First of all, we did have a much, muchier day yesterday! It was lovely indeed!

We tried a new church and had a really good experience: really wonderful kid's ministry, great service that we both felt comfortable in and that had us walking away thinking. It felt so nice to walk away encouraged instead of discouraged!

And the boys had a much better day with far less bickering and fighting:) I think sometimes the busyness of their week/life catches up with them and they have grumpy days just like we do! It was a refreshing day yesterday after their day of waking up on the wrong side of the bunk beds. (Good one, Gma!)


This handsome kid started preschool again! I just love this place so far! He was a little nervous this morning and has been a little confused as to why he started in one place that we talked about for weeks and then is starting in a new place that was sprung on him last minute.

But 2 minutes after telling me he was nervous and didn't want to go....he was asking me "Is it time yet? Is it time to leave?!" His moods change like the midwestern weather!

 It took us about 20 minutes to walk there so we were both a bit warm when we arrived:) Zakkai seriously talked the entire walk there. His mostly one sided conversation went something like this:
"Look, Mommy, my pepper piece is almost gone (I let him throw the end of a pepper in the grass to watch it "disappear" last week). Will it grow up into a new pepper? If you put a pepper that is eaten in the ground, will it grow out uneaten again? When I live next door to you, mommy, and I live next door and you live in the first door then I will throw 3 peppers in the ground and lots of new peppers will grow and we can grow them together since I will live right next door!"

This is Zakkai's classroom. He is the cute little face smiling at me on the far left:) He went in with no problem and came out beaming 2 1/2 hours later! I am so thankful we found this place for him.

And of course I had to take a picture of Eliana....because she's awfully cute and what else is one to do than take pictures of really cute little people? She enjoyed a nice quiet time all to herself this afternoon! And she made a wonderful mess in the living room without anybody trying to play with her toys or stop her from playing with theirs. It was so incredibly quiet with just her. How did I ever think one child was hard???!

We rushed home from school, only to turn around minutes later for Zakkai's first "Little Dribblers" class! We are so glad that Z has this chance to do something all by himself. He is often in the shadow and rarely gets the chance to make his own decisions or really become his own little wonderful person.

So we made a point to sign him up for a sport this fall and he chose basketball!

He started out slow and unsure but quickly got into the spirit of dribbling and passing:) (he is the closest boy on the bottom left) He was just beaming on the way home and kept saying, "I just love basketball! And I'm so good at dribbling and I can dribble really fast!"

Can't wait to see this little guy blossom this year!

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