Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today's One....or Two Liners.

Here is a summary of our day...in one or two liners:)

*Tonight at Zumba, I knocked over someone's water bottle and water spilled everywhere.

*I also smelled like garlic from dinner tonight. At least vampires won't want me.

*I may never show my face again.

*I'm going to lemon juice my hands riiiight now....

*We had a fantastic dinner tonight, using said garlic, called Sofrito Chicken, a recipe my friend passed on to me. We ate it with black beans and rice and it was deeeeelicious!

*Except I had to de-skin a chicken and it was quite possibly the grossest thing I have ever done.

*Morton (and Co.?) is apparently here to stay. He has now baffled 3 different men from the company that comes over and no one knows what to do.

*I never knew mice were so smart.

*Samuel had T-ball tonight and hit a ball the first time it was pitched to him! He is getting such confidence in his new skills:)

*Zakkai is loving preschool and is VERY proud of the papers he's bringing home that he worked on in school:) Today he worked on patterns.

*Eliana is a Biscuit.

*I made muffins this morning that were a big failure.

*Eliana wouldn't even eat them. And that's a very good indicator of failed muffins.

*I figured out the way to Ben's heart today: Eliana and freshly picked apples from the farmer's market (until we get our own.)

*He loves me.

*He loves apples.

*And Eliana.

*I also love all three of those things;)

Good night!

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