Sunday, September 4, 2011


Oh my sweet Samuel. I feel like he has gotten neglected here lately. But it's only because he is gone all day and so I don't get pictures of him or get the same time with him during the week that I do with little bro and sis. 

But I looked at him tonight as he sat in his box, make believing he was taking a trip to Mexico, and thought "I need to capture my big-little 6 year old on camera right this minute!" He is growing up so quickly. I know every parent before me has watched the same thing happen to their kids. I know I'm not the first one to look at my firstborn and say, "Wha....?? How is he 6 already?!"

 I love that he's not too big to play in a box with his brother:) He doesn't exactly want to share the box but once they work through that, they take many trips together!
 I love that he's not too big to call me 'Mommy' and that he still likes to hold my hand on the way to school and blow me a hundred kisses as he walks into the building. I love that he's willing to talk to me, wanting reassurance about his newfound insecurities. "Will my new friends laugh at me because I have a bump on my lip?" (he got a fat lip yesterday)
 I love that he asks me 763 questions a day. And it drives me crazy, too. The other day, one of my long solo-days, I was at my rope's end and I said, "Samuel! Samuel, I need a break from questions. Why do you have so many?"

And he said, "Mommy, I'm just a little boy! And little boys have lots of questions! There are so many in my brain and I just want to know." I cannot argue with that:) So now he wants me to count how many questions he asks.

I counted for the first 3 minutes of our walk to school the other day and gave up after 7 because I was too busy trying to think up answers:)

I hope someday he understands that Zakkai only copies off of him because he looks up to him and wants to be just like him. Of course, I remember being annoyed when I was younger over sibling stuff, too. I guess it's normal:)

I am overjoyed that my big-little loves school and has started off with a slam-bang! I love that he wants to make new friends. I love that he feels like he doesn't need to practice reading books at night because he "already knows how to read." So big and yet so little still!

I love that he misspells words. I know he won't for too much longer. I love that he loves to bug me because he loves me. I love his sweet, high-pitched voice. I love his big, big gray-blue eyes that look at me with such depth.

I love his routine of two kisses per cheek and one to the nose followed by a big hug;) I love his willingness to try things when we ask him, knowing it is hard for him.

I love that he loves treats and that his favorite fruit is all of them but especially blueberries. I love that he even has a favorite vegetables and that it's peppers! I don't think I ever had one pepper growing up!

Even though I see normal signs of him growing and changing and slowly starting to pull away from littler boy things and maturing on to bigger boy things, I still see my sweet little peach fuzz baby that captured my heart 6 years ago.

Samuel, you are one of the bravest, most wonderful, sweetest, loving, funniest little boys I've ever known! I hope you always know how much your mommy adores you!

Big or Little.

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Grandma W said...

I've been reading the blog every day...just haven't been able to comment. I love the pics...and just knowing about the Thomas Family's day. If it weren't for your blog, Heidi, as you know, I would not see and hear about all the stories. The Great Communicator...So thank you for taking the time to post. It means a lot to me! I love you all.