Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a Guy

Wow, I can't believe Samuel is about to finish up his 4th week of school already; the 3rd week for Ben and 2nd 1st week for Z:) Time is flying!

We only have one new activity to add in next week and then our schedule will be officially official. At least until it changes:)

I think it's going to be a good schedule. I am really enjoying my quiet afternoons, although it does take some getting used to! When I put E down for her afternoon nap, I keep thinking I need to hurry down because Z is waiting for me....But he's not. He's busy learning, coloring, making friends and having snack:)

In the past week and a half, Eliana has started taking baths in the big tub without the baby bathtub in it. She L.O.V.E.S. it. She always has loved bath but now....she seriously loves it. She pulls up and down, up and down, crawls through the water to find toys and laughs.

And then she throws a fit when I pull her out:) She's getting good at throwing fits these days. They're pretty cute for now because she's easily distracted but it does show us that this girl's got opinions. And she isn't afraid to use them!

*The water is not yellow! The bathmat is;)

I just want to say that I love my husband! For lots of reasons but I'll give you just a few.

Ben is not only trying to be a wonderfully, wonderful husband and loving daddy, but is also working two jobs (teaching and photographing ancient tablets) AND trying to finish his doctorate.

At this very moment that I write, he is on the train trying to come home to us and to dinner since he probably hasn't eaten all day. His schedule looks something like this:

M,W,F: Wake up and study/write until 9am-ish. Get ready and leave for teaching job 40 minutes away. Come back around 1:45pm. Work on dissertation more until dinner time. Resume dissertating until bedtime. (except Fridays~those are family nights!!)

T: Work on dissertation all day in the dungeon. (a.k.a. the basement:)

Th: Leave at 6:30am for photography job. Return at 8:30pm.

Every other Saturday: Leave at 6am for photography job, return at 7:30pm.

He is a trooper. Working so hard to finish a very difficult degree and hoping and praying with all his heart for a job where he can honor God and do what he's been wanting to do for such a long, long time: teach people about the Bible. And working double jobs to try to pay bills and feed his family. He's been working extra days this month, too, to try to help us.

But this weekend, he took extra time to just show his boys that he loves them. They colored, they played candyland on the porch (with Mikey:), they snuggled and read books, they watched a little football.

I hope someday they really truly know how awesome their daddy is. And I hope they know that everytime he had to say, "I'm sorry, buddy, Daddy can't play right now," that it broke his heart because he wanted more than anything to put aside the books, close his computer or set down the car keys and just spend time with his family.

I am so thankful for this man that God blessed me with! What a guy....

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grandma said...

You said that beautifully about your Ben. Could not help think of your Grandpa who did the same thing when He was young. He also tried to be everything to everyone. And you are me excepting the role because you also want Him to be succesful. Lord please bless and take care of Ben and Heidi. We love you so.