Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Day in Clip Art.

Today we had to drive

to school because

 it was yet another rainy day. The sun peeked out for about 6 minutes this afternoon.

 After we dropped Samuel off at school, Zakkai and I got busy cooking in the kitchen!
 Today was his turn to bring snack to school! We made apple cookies with a vanilla glaze and sent along some milk for the perfect snack:) It was a big hit!

To make the rainy day brighter, my good friend Miss D came over to visit!

 She's really cool and I wish I could be like her:) She taught me something SO fun today that I have been wanting to learn for a couple of years: crochet!
 She's really good at it and whips up booties and sweaters and all sorts of pretty things.
 I also did some laundry. It feels like I am always doing laundry. Little people get dirty veeeerrrryyy easily.
 While I was driving to school, baking cookies, doing laundry, learning to crochet and socializing, Miss E was being her usual cute self:) She still a bit off from being sick and spent a lot of time, especially this afternoon before bed, wanting to be held. Even if she's grumpy, I still love her;)
 Ben was kind enough to do a man-chore today and take our car to get emissions testing (something we have to do every 2 years.) I do not like to do "car business" because I don't like to deal with gruff, scary car mechanics and feel like they are cheating me because I look entirely too innocent.
 We warmed up on this cold rainy night with some leftover spinach tortellini soup and to jazz things up, grilled cheese made in the waffle iron. It doesn't take much to please my family:)

But now I have to get to bed and get some sleep because

I still have a lot to do tomorrow. (or every day:)

 Instead of folding laundry and practicing my crocheting, I probably should have finished cleaning:) Oh well. There's always tomorrow.....morning...
Til the Grandma's come to visit (picture does not in any way portray the actual lovely persons coming to visit)!!!

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Grandma W said...

How cute and creative you are. I am so happy you were able to learn crocheting. Sounds like you had a great teacher who is also very talented in it. Enjoy your time with your mom and gma. I know it will be very special for all of you. I love you.