Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double Bath!

Well, if it's not one thing here, it's another! Miss E has finally turned the corner (Hallelujah!) and actually ate, smiled and played today. She still has a puppy whine going on and wants to stick close but there was a noticable change. Plus she only woke up once briefly last night:)

I hate to admit this but now I have a cold. Please don't worry, Gma! I will be fine on Thursday!! I am spraying down the house so you can come in health and peace:)
Tonight was S's t-ball night so it was just E, Z and I. Weird how much quieter it can seem with just 2 kiddos around! Most Tues nights, we wait to eat til they get home but tonight Z and I ate and then Zakkai, who spilled his soup all over himself, insisted that he wanted a bath.

He begged me to let him climb in the back of the tub with Eliana to wait his turn. And she loved having her brother in the bathtub! It was like putting extra hot fudge and whipped cream on the sundae:) She crawled around trying to steal his car and shrieked at him happily. It was pretty cute!

I will spare you all the other details of my fairly boring day (cleaning, organizing, carpooling, rain...) and leave you with another delicious recipe:)

This is for Spinach Tortellini Soup. I made this last winter (have made with/without chicken) and was stunned at the amazing response from the boys. I thought for sure they would turn up their noses at the extremely suspicious green vegetables floating around (because if you didn't know, to children: green+vegetable=BAD).

We assured them that they wouldn't even be able to taste the spinach. I think they were lured into trying it because it features their very favorite tortellini!

And maybe by their secret desire to be like Popeye.

Either way, I was thrilled to be told that I'm "the best soup maker ever!" tonight by both boys:) It is a high compliment, my friends, and one I do not take lightly!

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