Friday, September 2, 2011


 Now before you think we eat things like this all the time (since I may or may not post about chocolate and/or sweets often:), we don't! I try really hard to feed my family mostly healthy meals. I'm not all crazy natural and don't have the money to be so! I tend to feel all guilty when I read about all those amazing people and/or moms who feed their families the healthiest, most natural non-sugar, white flour diet ever.

I like my sugar. And my white flour. Mixed with wheat;)

We have really cut back on dessert in the past few years and only eat it on Friday and if I'm honest, sometimes Saturday nights, too! It's hard to eat dessert just once a week:)

So by the time Friday rolls around, I'm chomping at the bit (literally) to make something especially fantastic!

And tonight it was really, really fantastic.

I hired some good help this morning;) Don't worry~he didn't get to do any licking til after the baking was all over! He and I are chocolate buddies at heart and I knew he'd love to have this extra special treat. Didn't notice the shirt til now! haha

 It really was that good;) Zakkai said (without even looking at himself) "Samuel will know that I had a treat because my mouth will be all brown!" Yes, my boy, it is allllll brown:)

Would you like to see where all this chocolate was going? Before it went in Zakkai's mouth, that is?

Meet: Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. (sorry about the not great picture!)
Oh, you didn't think I was serious about my desserts? I am.

If I'm only going to have it once a week, I'm going to do it right! This cheesecake was seriously amazing. Ben declared it "possibly the best cheesecake" he's ever eaten. He doesn't give out praise like that lightly so I am complimented:)

If you like cheesecake, raspberries and/or chocolate, please feel free to ask me for the recipe. I might share if you say pretty please with chocolate whipped cream on top:)

Or I just might invite you over for dessert.

Whichever you prefer:)


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Please I need the recipe.

Charity said...

Wow! That looks just plain decadent. I would love the recipe if you can easily email it. Maybe someday I can fly to your house and you can make me that cheesecake. Wouldn't that be fun? Did Auntie K & Uncle Tim make it to your house this weekend? Don't they usually visit over labor day weekend?