Thursday, September 8, 2011

She is.

 Ridiculously Cute.
I cannot get enough of this little Sugar Plum/Biscuit/Muffin Girl!

 She is such a gift. Such a joy. Such a charmer!
 Who Me? Yeah Me!
 My boys eating breakfast (with legs hanging off the chairs as usual~they only get reminded to sit on their chairs 79 times a day!). Oh wait! Looks like someone else joined them....
 Peek-A-Boo! She spent most of her time under the table today:)
And now that she's getting so big, I decided it was time to pull out more oldie but goodie toys! She wasn't even sure where to start:)

And then the boys came up from the basement and their excitement knew no bounds at the magical appearance of these old/new toys. I had to establish clear lines of ownership because otherwise Eliana was about to get booted out and religated to a corner to play with an old lid while the boys got to check out the new toys!

They claimed they were just "teaching her how to use them" but I could see through them with my eagle mommy eye.

It's a skill I've perfected over the past 6 years.
Zakkai was nervous to start preschool rounds #2 when we went for orientation today but all fears flew out the window when he spotted his name on a piece of popcorn (not real, mind you:) on the wall and saw the supply boxes they'll get and most of all, when he made instant friends with 4 other little boys just his age!

Now he wants to know how many days until Monday:)

I can't imagine too many people out there in the world are counting down the days until Monday!
And yesterday I was trying to eek out of Samuel even the smallest morsel of information regarding his school day activities. He hemmed and hawed and "ummed" and finally said,

"I can't remember what we did....only the fun of it!!" He just LOVES all he is learning in school. This week homework finally started coming so we adjusting to yet another change in our routine, trying to fit in homework time. Which isn't all that easy considering he doesn't get home until 3:30pm and is very tired, eats dinner by 5:30pm and is in bed just over an hour later! I'm sure we'll get into the groove again and quickly!

He started his second round of T-ball on Tuesday and is thrilled to pieces. What a difference from when he started this summer and we had to pry him off the porch pillars to get into the car! No joke.....

And Zakkai joins in his brother's athletic pursuits on Monday with the start of Little Dribblers.

That's right. Zakkai is taking basketball and is so excited!

Now if only they could learn to drive to help with all this chauffering around....:)

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grandma said...

Oh how wonderful that z loved his school and has made friends already. Thosse pictures of E are so cute. Im with you I think she is the cutest. I think it Regis and Kelly that is haveing a cutest baby contest now it could be hoda and Kathy.Check their email. I think it is Hoda and Kathy lee Nbc.Anyway I think she could win. Might being a Grandma but you know.