Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

On a cool, fall day, with the sky thick with clouds and the threat of a sprinkle that never materialized overhead, we went apple picking. Here is our story.

There were two little boys, who could hardly think of anything else but picking apples all day long,
 And their daddy, who lives for a freshly picked apple!
 There was the mommy and the baby sister, who, although miserable with a cold, experienced her very first apple picking and apple eating:)
 After a fun tractor ride, which the baby sister did not think much of, the family scrambled down at the sight of the lush trees full of unpicked shining apples, ripe for the taking.
 The strong daddy lifted up first one little boy....
 And he picked....oh, dear, let's try that again...
 And he picked a red and green juicy apple, perfect for eating!
 Then the strong daddy lifted the other son high into the tree...
 And he, too, came down with a perfectly created apple!
 With the aroma of freshly baking doughnuts drifting towards them and the smell of tart, yet sweet juicy apples surrounding them,

 the apple-crazed father had to climb the forbidden tree one last time in search of..

the perfect apple to munch on. It went straight from its nurturing tree into the waiting and appreciative mouth of the man. He was happy.

The sad, pathetic, little baby girl decided she, too, wanted a taste of this seemingly glorious fruit that had the rest of her family closing their eyes in bliss as they munched. So the daddy eagerly searched one last time, for one last apple to present to his baby girl.

And she was happy. And it was good.

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Charity said...

That is one thing I sorely miss. We don't have apple picking down here. :( Maybe some year I'll have to visit the north during apple picking so that I can experience it again.

aunt t said...

Funny Picture of Ben's backside,did that picture just happen? haha