Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Lovely, Not-so-Lovely day.

It was one of those days.

I composed a lovely, lyrical post in my head this morning as I was folding laundry about the windows being open, letting a fresh breeze flow through the house. About the sun shining and the beds being made with clean, fresh-smelling sheets. About how long sleeved clothes are slowly making their appearance in the dressers and closets. About how it was such a lovely, almost-fall day!

And then I composed a post in my head late this afternoon as I was doing my 5th and 6th loads of laundry (or was it #s 7 and 8..) with tantrum #92 going on around me. About the screaming fight the boys had while all the above said windows were open AND our landlords were innocently seeding grass outside. About how Samuel smacked Zakkai and got sent to his room. About the horrendous, uncharacteristic behavior of both boys while we were out running errands this afternoon. About how the horrendous behavior continued to the point where our youngest son got sent to bed at 4:30pm but screamed and cried until 6:15pm when he gave up in a very sad, hiccupping sleep. And about how our eldest son enjoyed the new freedom of his ladder and came out of his bedroom 6 times for no good reason and refused to allow us the much desired desire to have this day end.

And then I ignored the heaps of laundry still to be folded and I ate some ice cream.

 It will be a better day tomorrow! A Lovely One, I think.


Charity said...

Oh wow! I wonder why they had such a tough day. I hope that today is a much better day. It reminds me that I have my last loads of laundry to fold and bed linens to change!

grandma said...

Well---That sounds pretty normal to me. Every so often you have a day like that. I guess its so you can be thankful for those wonderful days. Maybe the boys woke up on the wrong side of the bunk beds. "A little humor" I'm relating to your bad day. Mine started with Gpa dizzy, falling and we spent morn at hosp. He is all right just dizzy.

Grandma W said...

A wise man once said - "there will be good days and bad days. Even the bad ones could always be worse."

Remember the E. Roosevelt quote, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Always know how much you are loved!