Monday, September 19, 2011


 I lead a very busy life. As you probably can tell:) Most of my day-to-day life centers around feeding, clothing, playing with, disciplining, driving around and loving my 3 chickies. I also eat occasionally in there, too, and see my husband here and there between his many jobs.

By the time night time rolls around, I am chomping at the bit to selfishly...and necessarily have some me time.

That may look like reading a book, flipping through a magazine, looking up things on the internet or my favorite thing: doing some sort of craft!

During the summertime I didn't feel much like crafting but as soon as there was a hint of fall in the air: crisper air, cooler nights, the thought of apple-picking and warm soups for dinner, suddenly my desire to craft came flooding back!

I am all set to start hand-quilting my quilt which I am thrilled (and nervous) about, and I have also had some small projects waiting in the wings until I work up my nerve to hopefully not butcher my beautiful quilt.

I decided to dust off a few of these projects and be a little more productive with my me-time in the evenings! This weekend I worked on these:
I really enjoyed making them, even if they didn't fit in the end;) So I made a couple more pairs...that fit my little princepessa!

She got a pretty purple pair ~ made out of fabric scraps from a purse I made for her Grandma! I love that they are reversible so it's like getting 4 new pairs of shoes:)

And a pink pair which she wore today (same fabrics as the ribbon pair)! They are a little big but I am glad because she can wear them longer;) Doesn't she have the cutest legs? Sorry, digressing...

I am such a perfectionist and most of the time when I finish my projects, I experience a lot of disatisfaction along side my happiness. It's very strange actually!

I can never seem to make anything perfect even though I try so hard. If you could see my projects close up, you would agree: uneven stitching or mismatched seams, etc. I really want to learn, through practice, how to make these things more professional looking, in the hopes of possibly eventually selling them.

For now, I am so happy to be able to create something useful and pretty out of my little scraps of fabric and misellaneous crafting supplies I have lying around. It really refreshes me and inspires me.

And I need that inspiration if I'm ever going to work through my very long future projects list!


Grandma W said...

Heidi, I do not know how you fit it all in. I suppose we do what we have to do - and don't look back until later in life - and then wonder - how did I do all of that. Regardless, you amaze me. I love you so much - and am so thankful you are my son's bride.
Also - very nice purple and pink shoes. Miss E will be an incredible seamstress just like her mom.

Emily S. said...

I know what you mean about being so excited about finishing a project but also being disappointed by the mistakes you made along the way. I know my sewing will improve the more I do it, but I want the results to be perfect now, darn it!