Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post O-Pics!

 Today was such a nice quiet day! I was a little worried, considering how last Saturday went, but the boys were so well behaved! They woke up playing so nicely together, played for a LONG time outside (since it was like the most gorgeous day ever!) and were mostly pleasant to be around:)

Eliana was a bit kronky so she stuck close to me, playing near me while I worked on a special project for her~pic below!

Yesterday I pulled out our winter coat box to get out hats and gloves since the morning walks to school were awfully cold this week. Zakkai was thrilled to discover his brand-new winter coat waiting! I got it last year on clearance at Kohl's. I always buy it big so it lasts for at least 2 years.

He spent half the day checking out his new coat:)

 Eliana is always thrilled to have a big brother at home during the day. She spends lots of time hanging out at their chairs when they eat:) Kind of like a puppy...
 Can't believe how quickly Zakkai is growing up! He was my "baby" for so many years and now he's turning into such a big kid with a big desire to do the right thing even when it is hard for him to follow through with that;), a deep desire to be noticed and treasured. His new "big kid-ness" wars with his "little kid-ness" and creates quiet a conflicted little heart!

We are really trying to build him up and let him know how very much he is loved.
 And when did this boy turn into a BOY? He's in first grade! So independent and set in his ways and yet so willing to please and love. He has such a beautiful heart;)
 I ADORE this picture. Seriously, am I biased or are they beautiful?!! My buddies and sweet boys.
 Little Purple was just taking in the lovely weather yesterday, eating her teething biscuit (as you can see from her face!) and just being adorable. Love those blue eyes!

This is the boys newest funny "trick" they like to play on us. They run ahead and shut themselves in the screen door and even discovered yesterday that they could lock us out. Tricky boys!

But....Daddy is even trickier and came in through the back door and surprised them! Wonder where they got their orneriness from??
Not a great picture (cell phone) but this was my special project of the day: reversible soft shoes!  E is pulling up all the time and doesn't have too many unslippery socks so I thought she needed a pair of soft shoes to wear:)

Only problem is....I tried them on her after I finished and they turned out a tiny bit smaller than I expected so they were a tad too tight on her. I was disappointed but am already making a couple of new pairs that are bigger. And I can use these as a gift now!

So it all works out:)

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