Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little here and a little there.

I've been wanting to organize the basement for awhile now~well, since we moved in actually:) But since it's the room that nobody sees, I don't usually care! It is a multi-purpose room. Ben's office space/dungeon, a play area for the boys and a storage area for extra kitchen/food supplies.

I decided it was time to change a few things around and make it look a little nicer down there! Since I can't afford a new shelf to organize goods, I decided to take a little here and put a little there:)

I enlisted Zakkai's enthusiastic help in this endeavor. Being the all-wise, all-knowing mommy that I am, I knew that he would find this whole process fun~he who loves to help and get involved. He pronounced it "boring" which is 4 year old "pre-pre teenager speak" but within minutes was happily involved carrying things up and down the stairs.

First we moved the boys' train table down to the basement since they do a lot of playing down there on Ben's out-of-the-house workdays. This will accomplish two things: 1)Make it a new an exciting toy again since it's in a different place and 2)save them from having to carry train/car buckets up and down 2 flights of stairs;)

The train table in its new home! I barely put it back together when Zakkai was already playing with it. Goal accomplished~check!

Next I did two things: I took the boys' bookshelf downstairs to become my storage (hehe!) and turned their dresser/bookcase sideways and moved it to the former train table spot and put the books on top. I think it turned out cute!

This is the "stolen" bookshelf in it's new glory:) It will be very handy for me to grab things that I need now!

And Ben was also thrilled when I showed him under the stairs. It was a mess of boxes and "stuff" thrown under there. Now I have some more storage shelves, the boys' toys and B's tools under there. It looks better than in the picure~promise!

I really love the feeling of getting a little more organized each time:) It really inspires me to do more.

Doesn't she look too little to be standing like this??? She was pulled up on the stool and transferred to the dishwasher. Getting so big! Poor thing has been having trouble going to sleep since she's so stuffy (although all in all, this cold we've all had has been very minor, thankfully!!) and has fallen asleep hiccuping sadly after major tears in my arms several times in the past few days. I put her down for bed tonight and kept hearing noises so I went to check on her and found her standing all the way up in her crib, whining while sucking her pacifier upside down:)

I laid her down and heard her again a little while later and this time she was sitting in the corner clapping to herself! Finally she gave up showing off her wonderful new skills and drifted off:)

And here is my little goofball! While I was vacuuming all the hidden areas of dirt that Eliana has discovered lately, Zakkai decided to make himself a special bed:) He had THE best time with all the cushions and pillows and made about 9 different beds.

He was such a good helper today and I can't believe what a good time we are having during these quiet days together. I wasn't really sure how it would be with these long days with just Z and E but it's been really nice. I am getting to spend time with Zakkai that I don't normally get and he is getting to do things that he wants to do.

We played a good old game of Memory in between organizing today and boy, can that kid cheat! We must work on that;)

Now I am off to finish menu planning for our much-needed grocery trip tomorrow. Will probably have some good new recipes to post soon if all goes well!


grandma said...

Are you free--You and Z to come to your old Grandmas home and organize. This is something I am not good at. My hall closet is a disgrace in need of your HELP. You are something else. Heidi making do with little. Love You.

Grandma W said...

You are an inspiration to us all! I am alwasy amazed at what you do. Pics are so cute. I know Z is enjoying his time with you, too. Love his bed. He is such a creative little guy.