Monday, September 26, 2011


Someone asked me today how our weekend was and my mind totally blanked out! I was like, " was....ummm..." And inside I was thinking, "Crap! What did we do? How was our weekend?" My mind thankfully sputtered to a start and I was able to get out a semi-intelligent answer:)  Anyone else ever had that happen?

The weekend only ended yesterday and already I've forgotten it. Bad sign of the aging. Bad sign...

Of course it could have to do with my sick little peanut who had me up with her half the night....and half the weekend, now that I think about it! I remember when I was about to have Samuel and I thought, "I won't be able to send the baby anywhere. I have to care for this baby 24/7 and can't go home at the end of the night.."

It was a little frightening but then you have the baby and you just do it. You love them and take care of all of their needs and you rise up to the challenge when things come up like changes in schedules, phases (and they are ALWAYS in and out of phases!), sickness, etc.

It's not like I'm tralala-ing in the night, skipping my way to her bedroom but as she cries in my arms and I rock her and whisper a prayer over her, I know that no matter how tired I am or how enticing the thought of my soft bed is, there is no one else in the world (besides Ben, of course:) that I would rather have doing this for her.
Here's our little sickie today with her sad little "sick eyes." This is about the biggest "smile" that we got out of her all day. She pretty much wanted me to hold her all day and whined like a little puppy:( She didn't eat much but she did get some good, very much needed naps in today so maybe a day of sleep is what she needed. She hasn't woken up since I put her to bed for the night and at this time last night (9pm) she had already woken up twice crying. I can only hope that we have passed the worst of it!

In happier she is from last weekend sporting her pretty pink Buckeye dress and leg warmers:) Very stylish!
Even though they stink this year, she will always be a Buckeye-Baby:) The boys have Buckeye sweatshirts they received as a gift and they wear them often right now because they are cozy and have hoods (they LOVE hoods). We get a lot of, "Oh. You're Buckeye fans?" haha.

Zakkai started his preschool carpooling today, just in time for a cold, rainy day! I was so thankful not to have to drag Missy out today! Z was so excited to ride with his new friend:) He also had basketball again today and B said he's improving already. Now he wants his very own basketball!

This morning he said, "Mommy, I didn't sleep ALL night long," as he yawned. I said, "Why didn't you sleep, Zakkai?" thinking he was going to tell me he didn't feel good or was scared or something.

He said, "I didn't sleep because Samuel's foot was hanging down and I had to watch it allll night. It was hanging in my bed." I burst out laughing and told him I didn't think Samuel's foot could reach all the way out of the top bunk down into his bed but he was pretty insistent! What a funny guy:)

Samuel is doing so amazing at school, it is hard for me to believe one year ago he couldn't read or spell much! He has regular reading assignments each week that he brings home and has to answer questions about. He reads with such ease, sometimes effortlessly reading big words and stumbling over more common words:) He almost always gets 100% on his spelling tests and another daily assignment called, "Daily Fix It." His teacher writes 1 or 2 sentences up on the board with some mistakes in it (misspelled words, missing punctuation/capitalization, etc) and they kids have to write it down the correct way on their papers.

He is SO proud when he comes home and shows us his 100%s and stars she writes on his papers;) Today he said, "Mommy, when I stay for lunch (every MWF) my friends (he named off a few) try to see who can be fastest to sit next to me!" That made him feel really special:) So proud of this kid!

And last but certainly not least, we are having 2 special visitors this week! My mom and Grandma are making a special trip up to see us for a couple of days and we are very excited;) I am working hard to make sure our home passes Mom/Grandma inspection....something that isn't easy with 3 little whippersnappers doing their best to make it look as if children live here!

They do a good job:)

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grandma said...

Oh please do not fuss with us coming. we are so excited. I was thinking how about if your mom and I sleep down stairs. Now here me out. One of us on sofa the other on air matress. Then you will be free to take care of Eliana who is sort of ill and then you won't have to run up and down stairs. Sounds good huh. Oh well we will talk.