Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First and...Last Day of Preschool?

My Z-Man started preschool this morning. And as you can see, he was very excited:) He's been such a buddy these past 2 weeks but is definitely so stimulated by the socialization and learning he does in school and needs to go.

Unfortunately, I could tell immediately that it is not a good fit for him:( Better now than later, I guess! The preschool director led me to believe it was something it wasn't and even told me there was going to be at least one other boy his age in class.

But there isn't. He was in a class with a bunch of 2 and barely 3 year olds. Not exactly what Z needs! There is a huge difference in kids with those age gaps. I talked with the director and told her this afternoon that I didn't think it was going to work out. She asked us to come on Thursday to give it one more try and seems to think he will learn such great leadership and self-confidence skills if he stays.

While that may be true....he also needs to be learning and socializing with kids his own age. He's too smart of a cookie to be in such a young class. Thankfully, last minute we found a spot in the park's district program and he will be starting Monday! This program seems like a much better fit for him with what he will be learning: music, art, computer, gym, math, reading, etc. Plus he will go 4 days a week, which he really wants.

I hope it works out better!
Tonight I worked up enough courage to go try a Zumba class for the first time at the Y! I have really been wanting to try it for awhile but fear of throwing out my hips or tripping on someone and causing a Zumba-wipeout have kept me from going;)

Tonight I told a friend and Ben to encourage me to go, no matter what! I knew I'd be glad if I went....and I am! It was SO much fun!

I had no clue what I was doing but watched the instructor and the people around me and wiggled, shimmied, and stepped to the latin beat of the (very loud) music for an hour. Best time I've had exercising ever!

I'm going back next week:)
And in other news, Morton the Mouse has moved in to stay it seems. The "mouse peeps" have been over twice and obviously they haven't found his secret hideout, as he hasn't touched any of the bait they set out and has another entrance other than the ones they sealed up.

He's a sneaky one, that Morton. It's usually me that is the lucky one to see him but tonight alone, Ben has seen him FOUR times. He's either really desperate for something or he really likes us.

I going to go with the latter:)

So here's to a better preschool, getting in shape while having fun and living with mice!

What an exciting life I lead....


grandma said...

The mouse I could not live with. Hopefully he will be caught soon. He has to go. Praying for Z and his pre school. Love you all.

Charity said...

I'm so proud of you for going to Zumba. I've been wanting to get the Zumba for our X-Box Kinect so that I could practice in the privacy of my own before going out to do it in public; however, if you can do it, maybe I can too. I wish I could see you do it.

aunt t said...

Z is still so little and cute & seems so smart for his age!The new school will be so good for his development.

Grandma W said...

I hope all works out well for Z and his school. He is an incredibly smart little guy - and definitely will thrive in an environment where he is challenged. btw - Morton is probably also Mary, Marvin, Mark, and Minerva. :)