Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something to Treasure.

It was a sprinkly fall-ish day around here today. I just love the first cool temperatures of the season! Especially when you don't have to wear a coat yet and you get to wear jeans and shirts that have been tucked away for months. It's like having a new wardrobe!

Silly and simple but true;)
Zakkai and Eliana spent some time playing together in the kitchen. She has been really interested in Zakkai, especially since she now gets to spend some time with just him. She screams happily when she sees him and wants to be where he is.

 And today that place was with pots, pans and spoons in the kitchen:) They made a lot of joyful noise together!
 I love that Zakkai still likes to play with things like this. He was actually "cooking" me some food with his colored noodles that we made a long time ago during Alphabet weeks, I think.
Today Chef Z made me strawberry ice cream with chocolate pieces, blueberry ice cream, pasta salad and peach pie. He's a good cook!

Remember how I've mentioned, oh....6 or 83 times how Zakkai loves to talk? How about our walk home from dropping S off this morning:

"Mommy, when I grow up I will buy a bag of peppers and you can come over to my house and eat them. And then the next day I will buy two bags and we will eat those! And then I will buy three and then, four-and-a-half bags! (he's very proud to tell people that he's 4 1/2:)

And then we will go have an ice cream cone because peppers are healthy. And then we will have 5 bags and then an ice cream cone. And then we will eat six bags of peppers...and then an ice cream cone."

(5 minutes later)

"And then we will eat 11 bags of peppers and another ice cream cone! And then we will eat 12 bags of peppers and one more ice cream cone. And then we will be alllll done with peppers for awhile."

I wasn't kidding when I said this kid was social:)
Samuel had something very special happen at school today! He was:

When they get their turn to be the Student of the Day, their teacher asks them 4 questions and writes the answers on the board. The other classmates have to pick one of the four facts about the special student and draw a picture and write the fact they picked down and then it is made into a book!

Samuel's questions were:
"What do you like to eat?" Answer: I like to eat strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on top."

"What do you like to do?" Answer: I like to go to the park and play with my little brother."

"What are you good at doing?" Answer: I am good at riding my bike!

And for the life of me, I can't remember the 4th one!

Most of his new friends chose to write about the strawberry ice cream with sprinkles:) The pictures were so cute and colorful and now Samuel has something to treasure!

I love the simple ways you can make a child feel so special.

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Grandma W said...

How cute are my grandchildren?!?! I am so proud of each of them - and so thankful S and Z are enjoying their new schools. S looks so proud in his "student of the day" pic. I know I have said this before - but one day, all three will come to appreciate the love and care their parents provided them - and the excepton their home was while growing up. Don't lose heart - it will pay off!