Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Year

I know I haven't been as good with blogging lately. Sometimes, I'm just plain worn out at the end of the day and my brain is empty. And a lot of times I have no pictures to share, as I have been camera-lazy lately and I feel bad posting wordy blog posts! But here's one anyways:)

I have been thinking over the past couple of days of how much has happened since last May, a year ago. Here are some things I can remember:

*Zakkai learned to ride a two wheeler

*Samuel turned 7 and celebrated with an Angry Birds party

*We went camping for the first time!

*And the 2nd time

*We went to Colorado to celebrate my grandparent's 60th with a family reunion! So much fun! (except for the mountain sickness...)

*The boys started kindergarten and 2nd grade!

*We went on our 3rd camping trip, this time with Mugga and Papa!

*Samuel lost his first tooth

*Eliana turned TWO! And learned to run, climb, talk, tell jokes and throw tantrums!

*We were disappointed over not getting a job near our family (Nov/Dec)

*We spent Christmas in Ohio with my sister and her family and nearly flooded their house.

*We started out the new year with fresh beginnings, when God gave us a miracle.

*We found a church and Ben became a member!

*We celebrated Zakkai's 6th birthday

*Zakkai has learned to read! (really well these days!!)

*We went on a vacation to Florida

*Perhaps the most exciting thing, Ben defended!!!

*And now we are about to finish up the school year, graduate and many other little milestones. Can't wait to recap after the school year next year and see what has happened, things we expected and things we didn't!


Aunt t said...

Many great memories and milestones for the Thomas family this year!
I am going to write in my journel what has happened in our family this past year.....😊...that's good thinking Heidi! Thank you for getting me to think about all my blessings!

grandma said...

You and aunt t are so right we need to keep a journel of our blessings..How Jesus Loves us..He has blessed our family so much..As Derek said to Grandpa on Sunday..We have such a legacy..Our family is such a blessing..And God is watching out for us..Thank you dear Heavenly Father.