Monday, April 1, 2013

Florida Part One!

Part One! We got to Florida at lunchtime on Saturday. It was humid and hot when we all spilled out of our cars with aching muscles but unfortunately, that didn't last! The heat, that is;) My grandparents had warm hugs and a beautiful spread laid out for lunch. What a welcome!

We took the golf carts out for a spin that afternoon and organized all of our sleeping arrangements and mountains of stuff. 12 adults/children in a 3 bedroom house! Our family scrunched in the study with sleeping bags, an air mattress and a pack n' play for Miss. My mom and stepdad spent the first night in the extra bedroom with my little niece but after a rough night, they switched with my sis and her hubby and took the air mattresses in the living room. It was cozy but it worked!

Sunday morning we went to the flea market! Ben remembers going to this very same flea market with his grandparents when he was younger:)

It's filled with booths selling anything you can imagine. Shoes, cookware, dice, pets, food, jewelry, you name it! We hit the jackpot in Sunglasses Alley and found some clip on shades for Eliana. We were really excited about that since she can't wear another pair of sunglasses over her glasses.

Here's one of our golf cart rides! My grandparents rented a bigger golf cart with two benches and lots of us could fit in it. Ben, Eliana and I were following behind in the smaller cart. She was totally freaked out at first but after some waving at Mugga and her "brudders" she settled down and loved it from then on!

We may or may not have had some brief golf cart races to see who was faster! Uncle Tim won....



The weather kept getting cooler during the week but we were able to sneak in some fun games of Bocce! (Bah-chee) Girls against guys and I totally hate to admit that we got crushed every.single.time. Grr! We'll have to have a rematch someday...

                                                      Go, Mom, go!

We tried to get in some swimming on Monday but brrrr! There was this chilly northern wind (thanks a lot Midwest!) that kept the sun from warming us up as it should. It was okay in the water but the second you got out, watch out!

Eliana and her little cuz, Evy, did NOT enjoy their first swimming attempt! So we ended up getting out and wrapping up in towels and dangling our feet on the edge while the boys played.

Uncle Tim and the boys! He's always so good with them so they soak up Uncle T time:)

My beautiful sister!

I was so so happy to find that our regular Skyping dates worked like a charm and Evelyn and I were buds! She is just the sweetest little baby and it made my day to get smiles out of her:)

More tomorrow but first, a funny story to end with. Tonight at dinner, we randomly were talking about one of my favorite farmer's markets in Madison, WI. We started naming off all the things they sell there, especially cheese. We were getting pretty goofy, "Round cheese, square cheese, yellow cheese, old cheese, new cheese, etc." The boys would jump in with, "String cheese?" or "Blue Cheese!" And then Zakkai looked at me across the table and said, "Mommy, do they sell Cinderella Cheese?"

My mind went totally blank and I just looked at him and then said, "Cinderella Cheese?" He said, "Yeah, you know Cinderella Cheese!" The more blankly I stared at him, the more hesitant he got. "Cinderalla....Cinder...ella cheese?" I shook my head and said, "Buddy, I have no idea what kind of cheese that is!" He said, "You know. The white cheese....?"

And then it dawned on me. "Mozzarella Cheese?!" His face lit up and he said, "Yeah, Mozzarella!" Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard over that one! What a cutie;)

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Grandma W said...

Looks like you had a good time in FLA. I am so glad your travels were safe. I am enjoying ths pics and can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing them on your blog. Love to all.