Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Party and Pictures Galore!!

What a busy, busy weekend it has been! I have eaten, breathed and slept birthday party this whole week. I'm not sure I want to hear the words "Angry Birds" ever again! Just kidding.

I think.

No, it was actually really, really fun to make this party for Samuel. I tried not to get overwhelmed by doing a little bit of prep every night this week. Although yesterday was a little crazy with the last minute stuff that comes with throwing a party:)

While we were waiting for some very extra-special, wonderful guests to arrive (more on that in a minute), the boys helped us stuff our homemade pinata with candy and fruit snacks! That was a pretty fun job:)

Mr Pinata took 6 days to make! I made at least 4 batches of homemade glue (VERY easy) and layered a little bit every day. Ben spent a lot of time giving the pinata extra special touches yesterday, as you shall see:) He was almost too nice to break open!


My mom and stepdad made a very last-minute trip up for the party!!! It was the biggest blessing to have them hear, celebrating with us (we've never had family up for a Chicago party), making memories and to receive special birthday hugs.

It made Samuel's day to have them come. And mine, too:)

After we got most of our stuff done, it was time for the fun part: decorating cupcakes! Lots of colorful icing....Pics are a little out of order so you'll just have to hang on for a minute to see the finished product!

I spent a few days painting these cute pigs for a fun bowling game! My favorite is the one with his tongue hanging out but Samuel loved the snaggle-toothed guy the best!

The pinata! This is King Pig from the Angry Bird's game. Turned out pretty good, we thought!!

Practicing for his party debut....

A little Ben humor.....:)

And our cupcakes!!! Bright and colorful, not perfect but pretty cute!

The pigs were my favorite:)

We loaded up tons of stuff in 2 cars and made out way down to a nearby park. We were SO worried about the never-ending heat streak we've had but we were so excited and relieved to find that it broke right when the party started! The temperature dropped by over 15 degrees throughout the party and by the time we left, it was in the mid-80s.

This was the first game we played. The kiddos lined up to throw beanbags at the angry birds and pig balloons! (there are faces on the balloons). At first they weren't popping but then they started getting them one by one. I was glad the game took a little while and that the balloons didn't pop easily. The kids loved it!

We also painted a Frisbee in case there was extra time to play!

After a popsicle and some fresh lemonade to cool down, we started the bowling game! The kids lined up to roll our Angry Bird ball in the pig cans to see how many they could knock over. They played this game for SO long! Glad it was a hit!

We even had some offers to take the cans home:)

And here's the Pinata waiting for his turn to be....cracked open. Poor guy.

The kiddos playing the beanbag toss.

Daddy setting up cans for the umpteenth time!

Zakkai's action shot!

And finally, it was time for the King Pig's demise. First up, the Birthday Boy!!

Whack! And the crown went tumbling off..

Before we knew it, he was on the ground and the candy within was exposed, fueling on some very boy-energized hits:)

They were on the candy like vultures!!! We made sure each kid got a good handful.

And then it was time for cupcakes! We left the cupcakes in the fridge at home until just before time so the icing wouldn't melt off! Samuel, of course, chose a red one:)

Being sung to....

And making a wish...

Even Missy got to taste a cupcake!! She was yellow from head to toe:)

The party was SUCH a big hit! We gave ourselves a big high-five when it was over:) All the kids wore either an Angry Birds shirt or a brightly colored shirt to go with the theme. And each of them got their very own painted Angry Birds red ball (like the one in the bowling game) as a favor plus some Angry Birds tattoos.

I do have lots of other pics of them playing games, posing and opening presents but I don't have permission from the parents to post their kids' faces so until I do, I stuck with the safe ones!

Our Birthday boy was one happy boy yesterday. We hope he knows he is loved!!

And a couple last pics from today. Eliana is modeling a beautiful dress that her Mugga made for her! I am crazy about these fabrics!

Showing off:)

It's been a special weekend. It was so nice to wake up and have a special birthday breakfast with not only my wonderful family but my mom and stepdad, too. They left not long after which was hard for me but I'm so thankful I got hugs to carry me through til we see them later in the summer!

And today I've gotten to spend a sweet day with my favorite people in the whole world. We went down to Naperville, had lunch (which is a treat!!) and walked around and tonight we are celebrating with an annual tradition...DQ ice cream cake!

So thankful for special memories:)


Charity said...

Oh Heidi, you are amazing. You could make a business out of creating themed children's party's. You came up with so many cute and creative ideas.

Grandma W said...

Soooo creative!! I agree with Charity - you could have a business doing this. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Aunt t said...

The colors in that dress are so pretty, I think Eliana looks so sweet!