Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is in the air!

 I went out with Eliana to some stores today, searching for a few things the kiddos need for the summer and I just loved seeing all the bright, happy, spring colors all around! It's so refreshing to see stores filled with pinks, yellows, blues, bright greens. Just like the outdoors:)

I love dressing my little angel girl in cute spring dresses! Her hair is getting SO long! It doesn't look the greatest in this picture but I was trying to get a pic of the curls. She always has curls and ringlets in the back of her hair, especially after she wakes up from a nap!

She was staying safe inside this day while the boys and some neighbors were having a water gun fight:)

I have a good friend who sends me all of her little girl clothes and I send her all of my boy clothes, since the ages of our kiddos works out just right! Eliana is loving picking out "new" clothes to wear! She usually fights me in the morning about getting dressed and wants to stay in her jammies but I can entice her by pointing out clothes with butterflies or strawberries on them:)

Getting so big!

I found a huge thing of sidewalk chalk at Aldi last week, which is disappearing rapidly! The kiddos have decorated all the sidewalks and porches nearby with endless tic tac toe games and drawings. Today Zakkai wrote in big letters on the sidewalk, "God is inportint." (important.) He's so cute!

Eliana is very territorial about the pink chalk! Every time you ask her what her favorite color is, she says pink! She loves to have us write her name in chalk. As soon as she sees an "E" anywhere, she said, "E L I A N, Ewlyiana!"

Samuel has been doing his alphabet countdown at school and today was "Interesting Fact" day. The kids all had to share an interesting fact about themselves. Samuel chose to share that he was born in Indiana and we moved here when he was a baby so his daddy could go to school and that his daddy has been in school his (Samuel's) whole life and is about to graduate! (finally! ha)

We talk about that sometimes; the fact that our kids know nothing different. Heck, (pardon me) I know nothing different! Ben has been in school our entire married life. 10 years! He graduated with his Bachelor's right when we got married and 4 months later, we moved to good ole Indy so he could get his (first) Master's. Crazy.

It's so exciting and even a little scary to be done with this. Our whole life has revolved around school. We live around the academic calendar so our "year' begins in September. I suppose when B gets "the" job we will still be living off of that calendar but it will be different. We're going to start a whole new phase of life. It's exciting, hopeful, scary, new, adventurous, you name it!

This afternoon, I was researching some information about the graduation next month and I found a video of the diploma and hooding ceremony for the Humanities department from last year. I was totally teary and emotional and it wasn't even his graduation! ha:) It will be such a great day and I guarantee that Ben's mom and I will be handing each other tissues throughout the ceremonies!

We have a lot to look forward to and we are so very thankful.

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Grandma W said...

Yes, we will need lots of kleenex that day! Cute pics of E and Z.