Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day!

 The boys had their very last hour of school today. Silly to make everyone come for one hour! I guess they changed it for next year and the first and last days of school will be full days from now on.

Zakkai just loved his kindergarten teacher, Mrs Repsis! She was SO sweet and gentle and truly loved her students. She joked with me that she would have to hold Zakkai back next year just because she didn't want him to leave! What a great year he had.

This was Samuel's student teacher, who was in the classroom all spring. He really liked her! Her last day was a couple weeks ago (she came back today to say goodbye again) and all the girls in the class were crying and crying when they came out of school! Samuel was really sad, too. He made a sweet card for her.

This is Mrs Webster, Samuel's teacher. She just had a baby a few weeks ago and came back to say goodbye to her students today! She was GREAT. She really worked with us this year, encouraging Samuel and doing everything she could to make him feel heard, cared for and confident. Some of his classmates had a ton of trouble listening this year, which was hard for Samuel but Mrs Webster really took the time to encourage him and was always available to us. So thankful for her!

Zakkai worked SO hard the past 2 months, especially this month, on staying dry at night (what a battle this has been!!!) and he earned a new bike! He has never had one of his very own and grew out of the small one from last year, which also got ruined.

Look at the joy on this face! Worth every penny and sacrifice! He only had 2 big spills off of it today. One minor and the other, a rude neighbor girl tripped him and he really got scraped up on his arm:( But other than that, he was SO happy today! He will probably be dreaming about his orange bike tonight:)

One of our other neighbors asked last minute if we could watch their son, who is Samuel's age, today as they didn't realize today was the last day of school! He played incredibly well with both boys today and was so polite and sweet. He'll be coming back to play tomorrow which is great for keeping the boys entertained!

Summer has begun!


Grandma W said...

And so goes the influence of a teacher...I am so thankful S and Z have had such good teachers. It makes all the difference in the world. I remember well my first grade teacher. She had a significant positive influence on my view of school and learning. I am praying for good teachers for next year! Sorry I have not commented for such a long time. Crazy busy with packing and preparing for the move. So looking forward to the big graduation day. We have waited a long time for this :) Love to all.

Grandma W said...

Forgot to say that I am so proud of the boys. Z looks SO HAPPY and proud in these pics. Two precious little men.