Sunday, August 19, 2012

Days 2 and 3!

 Sorry these vacation posts are taking so long! It would be WAY too long of a post if I did it all in one. And I'm trying to write down the details for my own memories:) So you have to put up with me for a couple more days:) And trust me, it's much more exciting than me telling you about how exhausted we've been since we got back. We are just starting to feel ourselves again.

So last Thursday after we got to the house, I had a headache and thought I was guzzling a lot of water (an absolute must in the mountains!) but I think the combination of traveling for 2 days and loss of sleep plus going straight up into the mountains after arriving in Denver was just too much for my body. And we really weren't "taking it easy" that first afternoon/night.

Everyone was rushing around hugging, talking, settling in, checking out the ginormous house, etc. Fast forward to the night where our dear little Eliana slept like a newborn and was up AT LEAST 7 times.....My head was starting to hurt so bad and I felt worse everytime I jumped up to quiet her, hoping to minimize her disturbing everyone else.

Our family was sleeping in a bunk room~twin bunks for the boys, a full/twin bunk for B and I and the pack n' play for E. My headache probably didn't get helped by the fact that I whacked it FOUR times on the top bunk as I leapt out to quiet Missy:)

Anyways, I started getting so sick by morning that I was throwing up, etc and sleeping on the floor so I could rush to the bathroom. My sis, being the wonderful sister she is, went to find my mom, who came to our room to find me laying on the bathroom floor looking like death. (My sister and her hub and baby had the bunk room on the other side of a joint bathroom.)

She helped get all the kiddos out and upstairs to be dressed/fed and brought me some stuff to drink and some medicine for my head. Under the threat of going for an I.V., I forced myself to drink every few minutes in between dozing. The worst part was that there isn't enough oxygen up there (we were just over 9,000ft up) and so I would wake up after short naps, gasping for air. Terrible feeling!

Ben felt pretty cruddy and not himself, too, through the day so my sisters were nice enough to take our boys out and about to have fun. They were having a total blast! It was a really stinky day for B and I and we were SO disappointed to have a whole day wasted where we couldn't do anything:(

I improved slowly throughout the day and pulled myself together enough to join the big Anniversary Dinner at a local restaurant. I would've crawled there for my Gma and Gpa!

We got a whole upstairs section of the restaurant to ourselves!

We sat at tables, booths, on barstools, anywhere:) Just catching up and having a good time!

B and I sat with my sis and her hubby. I really wish I would've felt better and could've enjoyed it more. I nibbled on some mashed potatoes while everyone dined on all sorts of good stuff.

My sweet niece conked out shortly after and slept most of the time! She's such a doll baby:)

All of the older cousins got to sit allllll by themselves:) They were seriously stuck to each other like glue the whole trip. They called themselves "The Club" and ran around playing with these walkie talkies the house provided, going on outings to lakes and fishing, playing wii, and so much more. It was SO much fun to see them soak up their time together. Samuel keeps saying he wishes we were still there....

Some mountain views on our way back to the house for a special evening...

We tucked little ones into bed and had a big celebration. We all wore our pins throughout the weekend with my grandparent's wedding pic on them and my mom and aunt put together a really special sideshow of pictures with their favorite music on it.

Afterwards, we spent time laughing and crying while sharing special memories and thanks to the wonderful, amazing people who started our family and have set an example of love for 60 years! (66 if you count the 6 years they "went together" in high school:)

So many people, so many tears, SO much laughter and love! I hope the reunion was everything my grandparents hoped it would be.

The next day I forgot my camera (dang it) but B and I were on breakfast duty with my Aunt J and Uncle G and we wowed our family with homemade Cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon and cantelope. Oh, and coffee. There are many coffee drinkers in the family apparently:)

Almost makes me wish I liked the stuff. Almost.

Then a big group took off for fishing! Ben went with one group and two of my bro-in-laws took all 6 of the older cousins on their own fishing expedition. Unfortunately, the fish were not biting for either group that day but I think they all had fun!

Meanwhile, another big group of us (excepting my poor mom, who got sick with a nasty virus) went to Breckinridge, a nearby town to sightsee. We walked around and got to take a gondola ride up the mountain! Eliana just sat in my lap and looked around. It was so pretty (and a little scary.) I'll have to bum some pics off of someone!

We ate a little lunch at a pizza place and then headed back for naps. The 2 little ones (Eliana and her cuz Evelyn) fell asleep on the way back. We ended up back at the house at the same time as the adult fishing crew and almost immediately headed back out again for some outlet shopping!

Gotta pack in as much as you can:) It was, overall, a much, much better day than Friday and it felt good to be out doing things. We had tacos for dinner and there was lots of game playing and Olympic watching going on.

I wish I could be back there now.......:) More tomorrow!

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