Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Z Day!

6 years ago, at 2:11pm, a screaming, dark-haired baby boy entered the world and changed our lives forever! He's our spunky fighter, our giggly boy who loves and hates to be tickled, our screamer, our dreamer, our creative, lego-building, future inventor!

He was surprised this morning with chocolate-chip pancakes, which I was sure would please him:) It did! We've never had a kiddo who got to celebrate a birthday during school before. They sure know how to make a kindergartner feel special! He got to wear a special birthday crown for the day (which you'll see below), he was given a sticker, a sparkly birthday pencil and he got to pick out a new book to keep!

I volunteer at his school on Wednesdays in the LRC (library) reshelving books and helping a class with check-out. I got to see him in the hallwall on my way in and I was there when they announced his birthday on the loudspeaker! It was fun:)

When he came home, he got to open presents! Well, all 2 of them:) We got him a kid camera, which is just crazy about! He is always begging me to buy him disposable cameras and wishing he had one and now he does! It's only a 2.3 megapixel but we can put the pics on our computer like our camera. We found him taking pictures of us, his Leapster Explorer game, his soup, his towel and more:)


When we got home from school, a package from Grandma was waiting at the front door! He was awfully excited to see that! Here he is with his new lego set all put together. He loves his legos!

It's funny, I usually try to make them a special birthday dinner on their birthdays but he was at school when I did my menu planning and grocery shopping last week so I didn't get to ask him what he wanted. I felt a little guilty about it but went ahead and threw a soup in the crockpot today; Ham and Lentil Soup and wouldn't you know, he came to the table at dinner, peeked in his bowl and exclaimed, "My favorite soup!!!"

Haha! It worked out well:)

I just love this pic! First of all, his mismatching jammies, which is very normal for him:) But second of all, this is him listening to Mugga and Papa sing him Happy Birthday over the phone:) He looks so sweet and happy!

This morning at breakfast he said, "I'm a little sad about not being 5 anymore." I turned around from flipping pancakes and said, "Really? Well, 5 is a pretty fun age but I know that being 6 will be pretty fun, too!"

He thought for a moment and then said, "Yeah, and I will learn how to run faster this year!" Haha.

I pray this is a wonderful, amazing, happy and healthy year for my big 6 year old boy! I want to savor his little boy-ness, celebrate his growing big boy-ness and show him how much I adore him and how much God loves him each and every day.

I love you, Zakkai Nathaniel!!


Aunt T said...

What a happy smile on Zakkai on his special day! He is a special boy!

Charity said...

Happy Birthday Z! What a cutie.

Grandma W said...

What a special grandson Z is. I love you! Happy, happy Birthday!!

Emily and Frank said...

He looks so grown up in that last picture. Happy Bday to Z!

grandma said...

I put a Happy Birthday on facebook but not on your blog..So here goes A Big Happy Birthday to Zakkai on his 6th Birthday..What a fun year you will have Z..One of your fun times will be coming to florida..GrandpaGreat and I can hardly wait..We will celebrate your Birthday then..Fun Fun