Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's finally come!

My dearest friends and family, tonight and tomorrow I am asking you to pray! After 8 long (very long) years of hard work, Ben is finally defending for his Ph.D tomorrow at 11:30am!!! This is such a huge, huge day for us and will only be topped by watching him get hooded at graduation next month! We are both a little nervous and would appreciate prayers for peace and celebration!

Also, I am feeling very sick tonight with a cold or a flu and I really want to feel better so I can be there with him tomorrow! I won't go in the room with him for his defense because a) I have Eliana and that would be totally distracting for him:) and b) I'm too nervous to be there and I'd probably make him nervous! But E and I will be in the building and as soon as he comes out to wait for the "verdict", we will go down to join him.

Can't wait to share the good news tomorrow! Thank you!

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