Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

One of the best and worst things about living here and doing what we've done is meeting some really great people.

It's the best because these are seriously some of the greatest people you could ever know! We have been incredibly blessed in our friendships here.

But it's the worst because time and time again, we have had to grieve the loss of friends who have moved away. It's the kind of place where people usually move here for a little while, for school usually or work, and then they move on. And it stinks! Esp when you're the one staying behind.

And then we meet some more really great people and the cycle continues.

Last night, we had dinner with some of our very best friends here. They moved here when Ben was still in Turkey and I clearly remember telling him, you will LOVE this couple!! They are so down to earth and funny and love the Lord and they are so great! Well, I was right (that happens occasionally!) and Ben did love them, just as I did. They have supported us, cheered us on and loved us time and time again in the past 5 years. And we have really valued their friendship.

But, they are about to move on and my heart is breaking. I am SO incredibly happy for them because they have some really great things in store for them this year and we are just thrilled and excited. But of course, we are sad, too, because they won't be close by anymore.

I am so thankful for all the times we've gotten to spend with them and know it is a friendship that will last forever, even if we don't get to see each other very often.

Our kiddos just adore Mr. J and Ms. D. On Sunday, I said to the boys, "Hey, boys! Guess what? Some of our very favorite people are coming over for dinner tomorrow night!" And they immediately knew who it was:)

They will be missed.
On Saturday night, we were invited over for dinner with a couple we have met in the church. They are older and wiser (!) and were chosen as Ben's mentor couple when he went through a growth/membership class at the church in February. They are SO nice and we had a really good time. Of course, they are looking to move soon, too, (see?) but we will be thankful for all of the time we can get with them for now!

When we left their house, it was late (almost 9) and the moon was out. Our kiddos rarely get to see the night and moon, much to their chagrin, because we are slave drivers and force them to get good rest. I know, I know, our poor children!

Eliana immediately look up at the moon and said excitedly, "Samuel, do you see??! It's the cow jumping over the moon!!" haha;)

Eliana goes through cycles with Baby Anna. She might go through a short period where she still loves her and knows where she is at all times but Baby Anna might want to stay home instead of going out with us.

And then she has times like the past few days, where she will play with Baby Anna for hours! Today Baby Anna has received about 7 diaper changes because according to Eliana, "she is so stinky!"

I found an old newborn sized diaper that I kept and I pulled it out for Baby Anna so she could have one that fits.

But sometimes she still insists that Baby Anna where one of her diapers:) Right now, E is in her room, with her baby strapped into her old highchair seat and she is reading her a book:) I really love this little mommy side of her!!

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