Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zakkai's Big Day!!

We've had such a busy weekend that I've barely had a chance to think, let alone blog! Friday night we had the rare pleasure of spending time with wonderful friends! We had pizza and a delicious tomato salad, followed by a grasshopper pie. The best part? Lots of laughter!

Then yesterday there were lots of outdoorsy activities and Zakkai had a birthday party to go to. In the evening after dinner, we walked down to a neighborhood Street Dance to see what it was like. There were vendors selling food for outrageous prices (surprise, surprise) and a DJ under a tent playing music. We sat for awhile watching the little kids and one drunk elderly lady boogy down. Then Missy decided she wanted to join the fun:) She tried to get her brothers to join her but they were pretty exhausted from the busy day in the hot sun and decided they'd rather be party poopers.

I would've taken pictures of our little peanut in the middle of the big kids boppin' around but our camera suffered a freak accident when a certain son of mine tossed his lidless cup on top of the case and our camera drowned.

Somehow it revived enough for me to get pictures from yesterday's big day but I can't turn it on/off or view any taken pictures. I'm praying for a miraculous healing since we can't afford another one. And you know how I like my pictures!!

Speaking of.....

Yesterday we decided it was time to take off the broken training wheels and give Zakkai a chance to learn to ride a two-wheeler!!! Here he is at the beginning, receiving instuctions from the master teacher....

Getting some momentum and preparing for solo-flight...

Almost ready to let go!!!

And there he goes!!! The crowd went wild, cheering him on!!!

We couldn't believe how quickly he learned! He was nervous at first to have a couple of neighborhood friend watching, as well as Samuel and E and I but he quickly got over it when he realized he could do this!! Not everyone gets their very own cheerleading squad!

A video of his new skills!!! Way to Go, Zakkai!!!


Grandma W said...

Way to go Zakkai!! I couldn't help but notice B in the background of the video. It made me think of how our Heavenly Father is in the background cheering us on - and being right there in case we fall. What a blessing to Z riding on his own - and for the spiritual reminder, too.

grandma said...

sO PROUD OF YOU Zakkai what fun to learn to ride your bike. Have looked on your blog Heidi but have not had time to write. Keep them coming I pray your camera is okay. Love those pictures. Love you.