Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I don't always have my camera nearby to capture the day to day pictures of our life but I do often have my phone handy! Here a some pictures I've taken in the past few days.

Samuel made this clay frog in art class! I absolutely love it!! He came out from school in tears because one of his friends had accidently bumped the tongue and broken it off and it had to be re-glued. He has such a sensitive, sweet heart!

 Eliana has been so busy getting into things lately! Along with her diaper changing obsession for Baby Anna, comes a new found love of opening packs of wipes and pulling out as many as she can. Woohoo! Back in the corner behind her rocking chair is a pile of about 20 wipes that I discovered right when I confiscated the 4th pack of wipes. This little tantrum was the result of mean old mommy hiding all the wipes:)

The funny thing is, the second I snapped the pictures, she jumped up and ran to me saying, "Can I see the picture of Missy cwying?" ha!

It wasn't too hot today, although quite humid, so we spent some time outside before dinner. Eliana jumped in her Cozy Coupe and took a little ride:)

My Gma and Mom found this at a garage sale for really cheap when they came to visit last year! She just loves it so much.

And of course, Baby Anna was bummin' a ride in the back:) Thought my Gma would enjoy this pic!

And lastly, I leave you with a picture of this scrumptious treat. Mmm, mmm! This is homemade copycat "Oreo Madness" from TGIF's. We had lunch there on Mother's Day, when I discovered a forgotten gift card, and this was on their menu. We never get dessert at a restaurant since it's so ridiculously expensive and can usually be made at home!

This is absolutely a keeper recipe!! You can go here for the recipe if you, too, would like to delight your taste buds:)

I am now bringing forth all of my willpower not to go down and eat one....Aren't you proud?!


Anonymous said...

That coupe is so cute for Eliana's age and Seeing baby Anna in the back, so funny! 😃
Have you had any schools interested in Ben yet? Praying for you....

grandma said...

I loved the picture of baby anna in the back of the car..I can only hope that Hattie, Luci, and little Evelyn will love the baby doll as much as Eliana..Love those little girls..Love our little great grandsons too..So fun..