Friday, May 3, 2013

Drum Roll!!!

 Presenting the new Dr Benjamin D. Thomas!!

I'll have to write the story of the defense later, as we are on our way out to celebrate!!

Here is the dissertation in all it's glory, all 618 pages of it (double sided!) We are one proud family tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So happy for y'all!
That's a lot of papers. I pray the perfect job comes your way very soon...We love you!

Aunt Terri said...

Guess who? Anonymous is Aunt Terri

grandma said...

wHAT A WONDERFUL NIGHT THIS IS FOR YOU BEN AND HEIDI.IT HAs been a long time coming but what a blessing. nOW ON TO grsduation..Im trying to use naomis compAutor and im having a terrible time..never the less we are sO HAPPY FOR YOU AND PROUD